Monday, November 24, 2008

"Not Me Monday!"

That's right, I really did not forget this week's Not Me Monday.

Just in case you were wondering where Not Me! Monday came from, it was started by MckMama . . . check out her blog . . .

. . . but instead of a list of Not Me's, I was just going to post some pictures of my cute little guy of whom I most certainly did not take a ton of pictures . . . I wouldn't dare! ;0)

Okay, so I couldn't resist! . . .

I did not take Isaiah's batteries out of his V-Smile Pocket to take all of those pictures of him. No way, I would never do that! Not even if they are rechargable and he has a power cord to go with the thing. That's just not right!

I did not give my child a set of those scary teeth (you know, the ones that glow in the dark and look like extremely sharp teeth). Nah, I would never do that!


Isaiah did not say that his baby doll needed to go to the doctor and proceed to give the doll a shot, IV, breathing treatment, and other "meds". Nope, he wouldn't know how to do such a thing! ( but I have to mention that it was cute, though . . . what an imagination! . . . you know, if he would ever do such a thing) =0)

No, this was not CPR, he was kissing the baby. =0)

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