Sunday, October 24, 2010

Isaiah is my Hero

God was really watching over Isaiah last night. I had finished cleaning up after our little Fall and "first tooth lost" party last night and was sitting outside Isaiah's room getting ready to put his money under the pillow, when I heard a crackling, snorting kind of sound coming from my child. Isaiah does snore quite on a regular basis (and quite loudly, I might add), but this really sounded different. At first, I thought, "he's just snoring weirdly tonight - no biggie." But, I just had that feeling and then heard Isaiah moving around a bit. When I turned on the light, I saw Isaiah covered with a rash, red, swollen, and the areas that weren't red were blue (the tip of his nose, his very swollen lips, a portion of his forehead, his swollen fingers and hands, and his swollen feet). I grabbed him and administered the Epi. He looked awful! The noise I was hearing was him trying to breathe! He was so swollen. Even when I gave the Epi, Isaiah didn't cry and didn't even flinch (he was still somehow conscious).

(The pictures were taken after the Epi while waiting for the ambulance - his allergists want to see pictures of his reactions.)

By the time the ambulance arrived, Isaiah was still panting, but breathing . . . and his feet and ankles were so blue that they looked dirty. This time, the paid firemen didn't wait for the volunteers to arrive (we have two fire departments close to us - the paid firemen are closer, but usually don't transport because of zoning). Things calmed down in the ambulance and his BP and sats were all relatively normal by the time we got to the hospital (he still had tachycardia and his BP was just slightly below normal).

Thankfully, today, he is fine - a little swollen, but fine (he's a tad high on prednisone). =0} I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been sitting right outside the door - I wouldn't have heard him. God was watching over my little man - I am so thankful for that. I am so glad that I didn't stay out in the living room and write his note (I wrote a note to go along with his "tooth fairy" money), I am so glad that my purse was right outside the room . . . I'm so thankful that I was sitting on the floor in front of the door and I'm glad I wasn't asleep - I don't think I would have heard him. God was really watching out for him - He is so good!

Isaiah will be on prednisone for the next few days (a pretty hefty dose, too). =0} Hopefully it won't mess with him too much - he gets a lot of energy and can be quite moody on it. =0) If my post is redundant or really doesn't make sense . . . sorry, I need to go to bed. =0) Goodnight!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We have an announcement!!!

(can't tell I'm excited, right?)

Here is the new toothy (minus one) grin:

And, apparently, I'm super mom because Isaiah says that when he goes to sleep I'm going to whistle and turn into the tooth fairy. I had no idea! =0) He has quite an imagination.

This tooth was Isaiah's very first baby tooth, so it's fitting for this tooth to be the first one he lost. While this photo isn't of the moment I discovered his first tooth, this photo at least shows his first tooth. =0) The funny thing is that I even remember the outfit he was wearing when I discovered his first tooth - little blue fleece with "68" embroidered in silver on it. =0) Ahhh, seems like yesterday.

I'm so proud of my little man! On top of losing his first tooth, Isaiah is doing so well in Awanas this year. Last week, he memorized the names of all the books in the New Testament - 27 books! Isaiah has quite a memory and he is absolutely determined to memorize whole sections of his book (approximately 4 verses per section). He's an amazing little man. And, on top of that, Isaiah is reading words that he shouldn't even be able to read (we have to hide the verses book just to make sure he's not cheating). =0)

Well, I think I should probably end the post here . . . you know, because I have to turn into the tooth fairy and all! ;0)

Upcoming appointments: this Wednesday, IEP meeting (with a Family Liaison who already has the school on their toes . . . and we haven't even met with them yet!) =0) Pray that all goes smoothly and that we can get this IEP in place before Isaiah has any problems with school work.

Health update: Isaiah is still having problems with petichiae and bruising . . . and the usual allergy & masto symptoms (including the seemingly endless battle with eczema) - still no anaphylaxis!!! We're trying the pill form of one of his meds (Xyzal), so please pray that it works and that he will continue to take it. He hates pills and would much rather have the icky-tasting liquids (it's a sensory thing, I guess). Pray also that the pill works just as well as the liquid . . . any form of messing with meds makes me nervous.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My baby put on his shoes!!!

ALL BY HIMSELF! =0) He may not have tied them, but he did put them on for the very first time! I'm so excited! So excited that I gave him a huge hug at dance (where he put his shoes on by himself for the first time) and told him just how very proud of him I am.

And if that just isn't enough exciting news for you, well . . . Isaiah has his very first loose tooth!!!! =0) I'm so excited (and queasy)! He wasn't too thrilled about it at first (there were tears shed), but then I explained that once he loses this tooth, he will get a grown-up tooth in its place . . . and there were more tears shed. =0} After telling him it was okay to lose his tooth, and making a big happy to-do about it, he cheered up and squealed, "and Ar-fur said a toof fairy brings money!" =0) (by the way, Arthur is a PBS Kid's TV show)

His baby tooth (the very first one that showed up) is really crooked . . . and if you wiggle it, you feel lovely scraping and grinding (that's where the queasiness comes in . . . at least for me). =0}

It seems almost like yesterday I was sending pictures of the very first tooth over the Internet to just about anyone in my e-mail address book. Now, I am writing about that same tooth being loose and waiting for it to fall out so I can send (yet again) pictures to anyone who will read about Isaiah's very first missing tooth.

*sigh* =0)

Isaiah has also learned two new songs that he loves singing at the top of his lungs . . . in addition to Toby Mac's "Just give me that funky Jesus music" . . . (you might want to turn up your speakers and pause the music player at the bottom of my page) =0)

("I'm walking on shun-shine! Whoa-oh-oh!") I love it!

("Shake and move dance, shake and move dance, yeah-yeah!" . . . Shake Your Groove Thing . . . he got it from my birthday card.) =0)

He's such a ham! =0)

I am just so proud to be Isaiah's mommy! =0)