Friday, October 8, 2010

My baby put on his shoes!!!

ALL BY HIMSELF! =0) He may not have tied them, but he did put them on for the very first time! I'm so excited! So excited that I gave him a huge hug at dance (where he put his shoes on by himself for the first time) and told him just how very proud of him I am.

And if that just isn't enough exciting news for you, well . . . Isaiah has his very first loose tooth!!!! =0) I'm so excited (and queasy)! He wasn't too thrilled about it at first (there were tears shed), but then I explained that once he loses this tooth, he will get a grown-up tooth in its place . . . and there were more tears shed. =0} After telling him it was okay to lose his tooth, and making a big happy to-do about it, he cheered up and squealed, "and Ar-fur said a toof fairy brings money!" =0) (by the way, Arthur is a PBS Kid's TV show)

His baby tooth (the very first one that showed up) is really crooked . . . and if you wiggle it, you feel lovely scraping and grinding (that's where the queasiness comes in . . . at least for me). =0}

It seems almost like yesterday I was sending pictures of the very first tooth over the Internet to just about anyone in my e-mail address book. Now, I am writing about that same tooth being loose and waiting for it to fall out so I can send (yet again) pictures to anyone who will read about Isaiah's very first missing tooth.

*sigh* =0)

Isaiah has also learned two new songs that he loves singing at the top of his lungs . . . in addition to Toby Mac's "Just give me that funky Jesus music" . . . (you might want to turn up your speakers and pause the music player at the bottom of my page) =0)

("I'm walking on shun-shine! Whoa-oh-oh!") I love it!

("Shake and move dance, shake and move dance, yeah-yeah!" . . . Shake Your Groove Thing . . . he got it from my birthday card.) =0)

He's such a ham! =0)

I am just so proud to be Isaiah's mommy! =0)

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