Sunday, October 24, 2010

Isaiah is my Hero

God was really watching over Isaiah last night. I had finished cleaning up after our little Fall and "first tooth lost" party last night and was sitting outside Isaiah's room getting ready to put his money under the pillow, when I heard a crackling, snorting kind of sound coming from my child. Isaiah does snore quite on a regular basis (and quite loudly, I might add), but this really sounded different. At first, I thought, "he's just snoring weirdly tonight - no biggie." But, I just had that feeling and then heard Isaiah moving around a bit. When I turned on the light, I saw Isaiah covered with a rash, red, swollen, and the areas that weren't red were blue (the tip of his nose, his very swollen lips, a portion of his forehead, his swollen fingers and hands, and his swollen feet). I grabbed him and administered the Epi. He looked awful! The noise I was hearing was him trying to breathe! He was so swollen. Even when I gave the Epi, Isaiah didn't cry and didn't even flinch (he was still somehow conscious).

(The pictures were taken after the Epi while waiting for the ambulance - his allergists want to see pictures of his reactions.)

By the time the ambulance arrived, Isaiah was still panting, but breathing . . . and his feet and ankles were so blue that they looked dirty. This time, the paid firemen didn't wait for the volunteers to arrive (we have two fire departments close to us - the paid firemen are closer, but usually don't transport because of zoning). Things calmed down in the ambulance and his BP and sats were all relatively normal by the time we got to the hospital (he still had tachycardia and his BP was just slightly below normal).

Thankfully, today, he is fine - a little swollen, but fine (he's a tad high on prednisone). =0} I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been sitting right outside the door - I wouldn't have heard him. God was watching over my little man - I am so thankful for that. I am so glad that I didn't stay out in the living room and write his note (I wrote a note to go along with his "tooth fairy" money), I am so glad that my purse was right outside the room . . . I'm so thankful that I was sitting on the floor in front of the door and I'm glad I wasn't asleep - I don't think I would have heard him. God was really watching out for him - He is so good!

Isaiah will be on prednisone for the next few days (a pretty hefty dose, too). =0} Hopefully it won't mess with him too much - he gets a lot of energy and can be quite moody on it. =0) If my post is redundant or really doesn't make sense . . . sorry, I need to go to bed. =0) Goodnight!

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Hi, I'm Hannah! said...

Oh My Goodness, now that is REALLY SCARY. Do they know what caused the reaction? Good job on your part, quick and such smart thinking.

xoxo Kim and team Hannah