Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Brikey.

"B-r-i . . . k-e-y . . . T-o-r-t-oise" never mind, that soooo doesn't work.

This is "Brikey" . . . the toitle (the tortoise). =0)

Brikey is our unofficially adopted wildlife refuge tortoise (Isaiah named . . . it). You see, Brikey comes once a year to visit our "backyard" to build a nest. While Brikey is here, he (or she . . . kind-a hard to tell), comes to our back gate and waits for us to feed . . . it. =0)

Apparently, it's not illegal to feed the nesting turtles . . . I mean, tortoises. =0) In fact, the park rangers have even given us a list of approved foods for Brikey . . . of course, the list also says that the tortoises aren't pets, should not be embarrassed by being talked to like a baby, etc. Although, I must say, Brikey likes the attention of being "baby-talked" . . . spoiled toitle. =0)

Brikey knows when the humans are out and about and makes a "run" toward the fence to get his (or her) food. Brikey knows that if he (or she) stays at the gate long enough someone will bring watermelon, apples, grapes etc. to the fence for a free smorgasbord. And, of course, we oblige. =0) If you stand near Brikey long enough to watch him or her eat all of the offered food, Brikey will begin to chase your toes . . . well, at least it looks like Brikey is chasing your toes. I don't stand there long enough to find out - I like my toes and wouldn't want to lose them to a hungry tortoise. This tortoise will follow you - he (or she) demands food and is surprisingly fast! =0)

Well, that's Brikey. Brikey the turtle . . . tortoise . . . toitle. =0)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Over My Head

This photo was one of my favorites (yes, I have too many favorite pictures of Isaiah) from our Spring/Easter photos. My dad has been encouraging me to enter some of my photos, so . . . here it goes. =0)

The idea for this week's contest is to enter a photo that fits with the theme "Over My Head". Well, I went through all my photos (at least the more recent ones) ;0) and came across this one. The flowers are over his head . . . at least that's what he was trying to get them to do, anyway. =0)

MRIs & ER Visits

Sorry if you are reading or getting this twice . . . I accidentally clicked publish and I wasn't even finished. =0}

To start off, the MRI went well. Isaiah handled the sedation well with few complications (he had a bit of an issue with coughing and itching as well as low blood pressure . . . and he needed a bit of oxygen to keep his sats up), but no anaphylaxis!!! God is so awesome!

After the MRI, we stayed close to Arnold Palmer . . . just in case. We had the privilege to stay in the Ronald McDonald house next door to the hospital with some amazing little people. It was heart-breaking, yet so inspiring, to see so many loving families with such brave children. Hearing some of their stories just broke my heart and made me so thankful that we do not spend more time in a hospital or in doctor's offices than we do.

Since Monday's sedation and MRI, Isaiah has been having a few speech and appetite issues. Basically, Isaiah isn't saying his r's at the end of his words and he's not eating very well. While the speech thing is cute, it's totally not Isaiah. R's haven't been that much of a problem for him, until now. Hopefully, it's just a fleeting thing that will go away quickly. The appetite thing, well, that comes and goes . . . so it's really not all that new nor troublesome at this point. However, the child usually eats very well when he feels good! =0)

On Wednesday, Isaiah's neurologist called to tell us that we needed to go back to the hospital and have the labs redrawn!!! The labs had to be drawn while fasting and they needed quite a bit of blood (and convincing this child to pee in a cup is like making a donkey walk in the direction you want him to go). =0} So, the labs were redrawn, much to Isaiah's dismay (poor guy!), and now we wait for a few weeks for the results to come in - the MRI results should be back sometime this week.

Everything was going well until Saturday. Isaiah was sitting in a chair, watching a movie, when I noticed that he was itching a lot. As I got closer to him, I noticed that his lips were a tad swollen and he had a rash on his face. Within 5 minutes, we were out the door with a child who had turned dark red (almost purple) with a rash everywhere, swollen and blistered lips, slightly swollen tongue, and itchy throat.

At the ER, the triage nurse took one look at him and said, "has he been out in the sun for too long?" He was so red! When I explained what was going on, we were whisked to a room and Isaiah had an IV placed and he was hooked up to the hear monitor. The triage nurse did an excellent job getting things moving along quickly and making sure everyone was doing the job they were supposed to be doing (thanks, Tracy's hubby). =0)

He is doing well, now - sent home after observation, as usual. He is still talking a little funny (still has problems with that r), and has flushed a few times, but he's doing well.

God is faithful, even when things don't seem to be going in the direction we would want them to go. God reminded me of the whole "walk by faith and not by sight thing" over the past few weeks. Regardless of how things look, we need to have faith that things will be okay. When you look at a forest, do you only look at a tree? How about a leaf? God sees the big picture, even when we can't. He knows the why's and why not's. As much as we want to know those answers, sometimes we need to just have faith in His knowledge and let go - He's got it under control. Worrying won't do a bit of good - it won't allow us to get any closer to the answer (sometimes the answer can even be clouded by all that worry). Don't get me wrong, I'm still human and a mother at that!

Whatever God's will is for Isaiah's life, I know that it will bring Him glory. Honestly, that has been my prayer for Isaiah since I knew he existed - that he would be used by God, and that he would allow God to use him. These tests aren't pointless, but whatever the outcome, God's already using it to bring glory to His name.

How I pray for my life to do the same - not my will, but His - for His bigger purpose and plan, not just my little leaf point-of-view.

I will have more to post later - good stuff . . . school stuff. =0) I'll give a little hint . . . "aquamarine and green." =0)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrated just like anyone else . . . except with ear plugs. =0) (sorry, no pic of Isaiah in his ear plugs and muffs - he was too cute, though!)

Oh, yeah . . . and there was cake, too! =0)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Date for the MRI

I keep meaning to post this, but keep losing the opportunity. =0}

Since I have had a ton of questions about the MRI, I have been calling Isaiah's doctor's office and Arnold Palmer just trying to make sure there is nothing more I need to do. Well, in calling Arnold Palmer, I left a message with the scheduling nurse . . . who called me back . . . and rescheduled the MRI. Apparently, not everyone who is on the waiting list for cancellations is serious about being on that list. So, in my "mommy psychosis" (aka, just wanting the thing over with instead of waiting 2 months), I let the nurse know that I was serious about being on that list. That said, Isaiah's MRI was moved up to July 12th . . . which is now almost a week away. Of course, I found this out June 24th. I just forgot to write a post about it. =0}

Just figured I would mention it and let you guys know it was coming up much sooner than expected. =0)