Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Date for the MRI

I keep meaning to post this, but keep losing the opportunity. =0}

Since I have had a ton of questions about the MRI, I have been calling Isaiah's doctor's office and Arnold Palmer just trying to make sure there is nothing more I need to do. Well, in calling Arnold Palmer, I left a message with the scheduling nurse . . . who called me back . . . and rescheduled the MRI. Apparently, not everyone who is on the waiting list for cancellations is serious about being on that list. So, in my "mommy psychosis" (aka, just wanting the thing over with instead of waiting 2 months), I let the nurse know that I was serious about being on that list. That said, Isaiah's MRI was moved up to July 12th . . . which is now almost a week away. Of course, I found this out June 24th. I just forgot to write a post about it. =0}

Just figured I would mention it and let you guys know it was coming up much sooner than expected. =0)

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