Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Brikey.

"B-r-i . . . k-e-y . . . T-o-r-t-oise" never mind, that soooo doesn't work.

This is "Brikey" . . . the toitle (the tortoise). =0)

Brikey is our unofficially adopted wildlife refuge tortoise (Isaiah named . . . it). You see, Brikey comes once a year to visit our "backyard" to build a nest. While Brikey is here, he (or she . . . kind-a hard to tell), comes to our back gate and waits for us to feed . . . it. =0)

Apparently, it's not illegal to feed the nesting turtles . . . I mean, tortoises. =0) In fact, the park rangers have even given us a list of approved foods for Brikey . . . of course, the list also says that the tortoises aren't pets, should not be embarrassed by being talked to like a baby, etc. Although, I must say, Brikey likes the attention of being "baby-talked" . . . spoiled toitle. =0)

Brikey knows when the humans are out and about and makes a "run" toward the fence to get his (or her) food. Brikey knows that if he (or she) stays at the gate long enough someone will bring watermelon, apples, grapes etc. to the fence for a free smorgasbord. And, of course, we oblige. =0) If you stand near Brikey long enough to watch him or her eat all of the offered food, Brikey will begin to chase your toes . . . well, at least it looks like Brikey is chasing your toes. I don't stand there long enough to find out - I like my toes and wouldn't want to lose them to a hungry tortoise. This tortoise will follow you - he (or she) demands food and is surprisingly fast! =0)

Well, that's Brikey. Brikey the turtle . . . tortoise . . . toitle. =0)

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