Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

This post is especially meaningful in that this morning I thought I had lost all of my files . . . all of them. Who knows what happened, but thankfully God fixed it and all of my files are still on my computer. Really, I had started crying because I thought I had lost everything on my computer. Frustrating as these electronic gadgets are, they store a great deal of our life stories . . . at least in pictures. Yes, I do backup my files, but I haven't done that for a couple of months, so everything that I had placed on my computer from the last couple of months would have been lost. Again, thankfully, it's all there . . . or here. . . you get the picture. =0)

Anyway, what better time for a Flashback Friday than a day where you think you've lost the majority of your photos (yes, I have a lot of printing to do). =0)

Hmmm, let's see . . . a photo from February 2005 (the photos when we first learned that Isaiah was going to be a boy - though that picture will not be posted): =0)

Of course these pictures did not come easily. I have to say that I was quite stupid for driving all the way to the doctor's office in a blinding snowstorm (really, no exaggeration, either) - a 45 minute trip turned into a much longer trip considering I couldn't see anything in front of my car until I arrived at the office. I was driven by the desire to see my baby perhaps for the last time before he would be welcomed into life outside the womb. I couldn't resist seeing his little black and white image and hearing the thumps of his heart . . . I was obsessed with the visits! =0)

And another . . . a few photos from February 2006. It was around this time that the words systemic mastocytosis would have been introduced into our vocabulary, and Isaiah would have fully anaphylaxed for the first time (I say fully, because the vomiting episodes and hives before this did not involve breathing difficulties and unconsciousness). Severe food allergies also entered into existence and the words "change your diet so that your child will live" were spoken to me for the first time. Nothing like those words to wake you up to reality and gravity of a situation. Still, such a beautiful and perfect little guy!

And, still, another . . . a photo from February 2007. This month, we were to travel from Maryland to settle here in Florida - of course, we will have been here 2 years in about a week.

Lastly, a photo from February 2008. It's amazing how fast our children grow! I can hardly believe that we couldn't understand the majority of what this little guy was saying. =0) Of course, we still have trouble understanding him, but he says much more now. He also couldn't use a fork or spoon nor a regular cup. It's amazing how far he has come in just one year!

It's amazing to see what God has done with this little man. The life I was told should not have been is in existence - God had other plans. Isaiah is a fulfillment of a promise God made to me a while ago. Yes, I'm young, but it was still a while ago to me. =0) Especially when you find out so young that biological children may not be part of your future. I'm so glad that God had other plans! =0) God is AWESOME!!!!


Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

What a precious little boy! He really is a cutie! I cannot imagine my child losing consciousness and going into anaphylaxis (sp?). You must be a really special woman for God to entrust you with raising a child with masto. :)
I would love to hear more about God's promise to you for Isaiah. I'm sorry to hear that you may not be able to have any more biological children. I've noticed the asian writing on your profile and blog. I'm curious...what does it mean? :)
I'm so glad that you didn't lose everything on your computer. You have reminded me to backup my photos...something I have put off for so long! I recently learned how to easily backup my blog. I shared it in a blog tip that you can find in my left sidebar, if you're interested. :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer said...

Great flashback photos, mama!

stitching under oaks said...

love all those pictures! what a cutie Isaiah is...he is so blessed to have such a loving, devoted mom!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your post on the members list to meant so much:) I beat myself up too much...I got chills reading your flashback friday post...truly an amazing God...