Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wordless Friday???? =0)

Okay, so it can't possibly be a Wordless Wednesday . . . and since it's not a Flashback post, I can't make it a Flashback Friday . . . so Wordless Friday will have to do. Maybe it won't necessarily be a completely wordless post (not all my doing), but I think since I'm a couple of days off the whole wordless thing doesn't exactly matter, right? =0)
So, on to the good stuff!!! (there are a lot of videos, so you will want to turn off the sound/the music on the music player at the bottom of the page) =0)

My little goober . . .

A spaghetti pic . . .

Watermelon pics . . .

My giggling little man . . . =0)

My silly little man . . . (who loves to see himself on the camera) =0) . . . oh, yeah, and Hurricane Isaiah struck again (don't look too much behind him - the mess is an illusion) =0)

"Take it to da top an cha, cha, cha!"

Isaiah and the toy aisle at Target . . . and the silly Jack-in-the-box (he played with those things for 20 minutes and jumped every time!) =0)

And of course, an update . . .

My dad is not feeling so good again. This time, in addition to the yucks, he is having problems with his ears - he has inner ear issues, too. He's not sleeping at night (because of severe pain), and he is messing with the thermostat . . . again. =0) He usually gets caught, though . . . except for the few times he changes the temp in the middle of the night, which keeps Isaiah up itching and with leg pain. I think we have the thermostat issues under control though . . . I think. =0)

Isaiah is doing good. He is having flushing issues again, along with those red spots that come and go. Last night he had several on his face and torso, which eventually changed to a few different spots on his torso and a huge one on his cheek . . . after his meds. He is also having problems with leg pain again. He is eating well, though - he has the cutest chubby cheeks! I think he is around 47 or 48 pounds (when he began the steroids he was around 38 or 39 pounds). =0) He looks good though - not at all too heavy for his height. He has grown taller as well, in spite of everything that has happened over the last month. God never ceases to amaze me!

As far as the rain where we live - we are not in an area that has flooded. We had a bit of rain today, but nothing at all like we had this past week. Things here were relatively mild in comparison to the surrounding areas. We did have a tornado warning earlier this week, but we had nothing more than loud thunder. God is good!!!

I also found out my hard drive is severely damaged. Because of that, I will not be able to recover my files from the hard drive unless I send it to a place with a clean room (where they will take the hard drive apart and save individual tiles???). Anyway, I found out that this will be a tad pricey. =0( Almost too pricey. I'm not sure how I'm going to get those files, but I'm praying God sends a solution. As far as the computer - I need a new hard drive . . . aka, HP is going to send a new computer. =0) The problem was not caused by a virus or anything I did to the computer, but from a defective hard drive or fan, so HP has to replace it . . . by the way, the computer was purchased 7 or 8 months ago.

That's all for now! (I think) =0)

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stitching under oaks said...

what a praise about HP sending you a new computer. I hope your able to retrieve those lost files...such a bummer. I'll be praying for your dad. Give kisses to Isaiah from us and tell your folks hi! (I love how you did the watermelon pictues! sooo cool!)