Monday, October 19, 2009

Waking Up from My Slumber . . . ;0)

Has it really been 3 weeks since my last post (actually, I think it's just a few days shy of being 1 whole month!)??? Sorry, it has been so long since my last post - there has been quite a bit going on here. Thankfully, nothing bad . . . just busy. =0)

Isaiah's labs (the IgE tests) have come back, but I will save the news for a while - at least until we hear more from his next appointment at All Children's. I think I have more questions than I did last year, so I want to make sure I have all the facts straight before I post anything about the labs. One of Isaiah's allergists really wants Xolair put back on the table (Xolair is the IgE-binding med that the docs at All Children's want to use as a very last resort). I'm really hesitant to say yes to this, only because I'm not so sure it would be completely safe for Isaiah - using this drug with Isaiah can raise so many concerns (anaphylaxis from the shot, the side effects, it may not even work, and it might make things worse). The only thing I will say is that the doctor said to be careful with corn. Grrrr. Like I said, I'll post more after his appointment with All Children's . . . which is in about 2 weeks. =0)

Hey, at least you'll know I'll definitely have a post around then, right? =0)

Apart from that, Isaiah is doing well . . . for the most part. =0} Isaiah has had problems with rashes and eczema (especially that obnoxious rash around his mouth). He also hasn't been eating well, though he devoured 3 baked potatoes for dinner this evening. =0) He is getting rather skinny again, which bothers me a bit - you can see his ribs again. =0( I guess that will be something we'll address at the appointment as well.

On a positive note, Isaiah is talking more and more . . . using complete sentences and saying things that are . . . well, adult-ish. =0) For example, at dinner, he said, "Mmm-mmm, this meal is just tasty!" =0) He also told me he was going to "Hamburger Helper," (no idea, it's probably something along the lines of "Scrubbing Bubbles) and that I had to stay here to take care of Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye. =0) So, being facetious, I told him that I wanted to go, too. To which he replied with the most sincere face, "Well, you have to ask." So, I did: "May I go with you, Isaiah?" Again, with the most sincere face, he replied, "You have to say please to be polite." !?! =0) Hmmm, does he sound like someone? It's nice to know that my good manners lessons aren't falling on deaf ears! =0) Hahaha

He has also become quite obsessed with Star Wars . . . yet he has never seen it. Seriously, I would never let him watch it - he's way too young. However, he somehow knows their names . . . all of them . . . and that they carry "light savers" and that there's a "death star." Sheesh! There goes my baby . . . hello, big boy. =0) Any guesses as to what he wants to be for Halloween? No, not Yoda, nor "Ooobie One Kenooobie." Nope, not even Luke Skywalker. If you were thinking Darth Vader, you've guessed correctly! Scary thought - he didn't even go for the good guys . . . though, he will try to convince you that Darth Vader is a good guy. =0) He's a little confused, but understandably so . . . he's never seen Star Wars. =0)

So, now we have Star Wars PJ's, a Star Wars t-shirt (I refuse to buy more than that), =0) and a Star Wars game . . . and a few Star Wars figurines. How did all this start???? One word, 2 syllables . . . neph-ews. =0) Yup, they started it all. =0) Oh, well. I guess it was only a matter of time, anyway, right? =0) Just in case you thought Thomas was out of the picture, guess again. Nope, he fits right in there somewhere amongst Star Wars and the Little Einsteins . . . and Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. =0)

Did I tell you about him arguing with Nick, Jr.? Apparently, Noggin was taken over by Nickelodeon and is now called Nick, Jr. Well, I can think of one unhappy little guy because of that small change - Isaiah was distraught because his Noggin was gone! =0) No worries, because all is well again - Moose A. Moose and Zee are still part of the commercials in between shows . . . but Isaiah still wants his Noggin logos. =0)

That's all for my ramblings . . . for now. =0) I will leave you with a picture of Isaiah dressed in his idea of what Darth Vader looks like . . . thankfully, he never used that potty. =0) Hopefully, I will find a little more time to post. Thanks for your continued prayers!!! For now, I'm off to play "tosies" with Isaiah. =0)

. . . and, yes, his cape is a Wiggles blanket. =0)

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