Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can you guess where we were today?

Nope, not on the moon . . .

Nope, not on Mars . . .

Nope, not fixing the International Space Station. ;0)

Okay, so the name is on the photos. =0) (In case you couldn't see it, Kennedy Space Center . . . small print)

Isaiah had so much fun! Who am I kidding, we had so much fun (Nai-Nai went, too)! =0) Isaiah even got a chance to land a lunar module and attach a capsule to the ISS (International Space Station).

Next time, we're going to take a tour out to the launch pads . . . and maybe see a space shuttle out there (there's a shuttle launch in early April, so maybe . . . ). =0)

Isaiah even met a real astronaut! Upon meeting this astronaut, Isaiah looked at him and asked, "where's my space suit?" =0) My little stinker! Do they even have space suits his size? Anyway, my little "astronaut" had a wonderful day "at work." =0)

When he got home, he took a little nap, had dinner, and decided to find his own space suit . . . and somehow turned into Obiwankintoo . . . guess he needed a better space name. =0)

Yes, Isaiah did have a few reactions while we were there, but they weren't anything that we needed to go to the ER for. He had a few contact rashes . . . it's hard to go out in public without something. A couple of doses of Benadryl took care of the rash and stopped any further reactions. God, as usual, was watching over my little future space explorer.

In other news, I had the flu last week. As a result, I had an ear infection this week, which resulted in my ear drum rupturing in 2 places. So, on Monday (the 22nd), I will find out if I need to have my ear drum repaired. Right now, there's no pain (amazing how a ruptured ear drum actually feels better than the an ear infection), but I can't hear either. Hopefully, the antibiotics and prednisone will take care of that.

Isaiah did not catch the flu that was going through our house - I ended up wearing a mask for 2 or 3 days until I was without a fever for 24 hours. I did manage, however to bring home a cold . . . which everyone else seemed to catch. =0( No worries, everyone seems to be on the mend without any ER visits . . . apart from me. =0)

Isaiah also returns to All Children's (the Rothman Center) in a few weeks (on the 23rd). Another follow-up visit and (hopefully) a discussion of the lab results that weren't in when we were there the last time. After that, Isaiah has another appointment in May with the allergy/immunology clinic.

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