Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We're Baaa-aaack! =0)

We're home (and so glad to be back, too)! I really like it in St. Pete, but the roads just are not marked well! =0)

The second appointment was, well, the usual. =0) Nothing really new to report apart from a new medication to replace the current one (which is causing a bit of an undesirable side effect that I won't go into). Nothing bad, just undesirable (not saying for Isaiah's sake). =0) He has already started the new med, and so far so good. He's not heavily medicated (definitely not a zombie) . . . in fact, he seems quite peppy . . . I hope he sleeps tonight! =0) If not, we can talk about that when we go back next month (new med = appointment in 4 weeks). It's a great time to go, though - it's Spring Break for us, so we can actually have a "vacation" of sorts.

It also looks like Dr. R is going to help us get some other therapies in place as well - OT, more PT, SLT . . . occupational therapy, physical therapy (his hamstrings are soooooo tight!), and speech language therapy. =0) This is a good thing - a very good thing. The sooner we get these things in place, the better the outcome for Isaiah.

For us, it has almost felt like we were on our own as far as providing all of these services - finding the providers, finding the finances, etc. I'm glad we have their support, even if they are in another county (3 hours away). I know that the insurance will cover these therapies (in theory), it's now just a matter of who will provide them and how. We are also in contact with CARD who will also be helping with all of this . . . and it's completely paid for with no expense to us.

We also signed up for a walk in Tampa! =0) We're going to be part of Team Rothman Center (long and awkward name, I know) in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks!!! The walk is Saturday, April 16th and will be in Tampa . . . yes, that means we'll more than likely be over there again. =0) It's okay, though . . . it's a Saturday.

Anyway, please support us in the walk (even if Isaiah is unable to attend because of the heat). If it's cool enough, Isaiah will be there with his stroller, frozen ice packs, and cooling vest. =0) If you look on the right side of our blog, you'll see two boxes - either box will take you to our personal Autism Speaks! page where you can make a donation to support us. I know I only set a goal of $150, but I'm sure we can reach that and go beyond! Please donate to help us solve the puzzle.

RDD (Rare Disease Day) is just a few days away now, too. If you don't want to donate to our walk (and you're in a donating mood), =0) you can donate to Masto Kids to help us find a cure for mastocytosis. Either way, your helping to fund research and awareness (more awareness means more funding for research). Both autism and mastocytosis have affected our family and finding the cure/effective treatments/answers are just as important to us.


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