Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: Props

I haven't entered a photo in a little bit, but couldn't help it when I saw this week's challenge . . . Isaiah is just so photogenic! =0) Anyway, the prop??? The hat. He LOVES this hat. He wears it almost everywhere, almost everyday. The poor hat started out as part of an Easter outfit . . . it has now become a staple for just about every outfit. =0)

So, what hat am I talking about???

=0) I just love his expression in this photo - he was goofing around, as usual. He is always so bubbly . . . and he is soooo difficult to photograph. In fact, I almost didn't get this picture. He was making all sorts of noises and bouncing around . . . then, he turned around with this look on his face - I'm so glad I had already pushed the button. =0)


Maggie said...

I love kids in hats! My daughter has a favorite one she wears a lot too. Cute capture! I can just hear him laughing!

Maggie Malson Photography

stitching under oaks said...

what a cutie! Love that hat and the expression. Oh Kelly, he's growing up so very fast.

Our Family's Spot said...

Thanks, Maggie!

Our Family's Spot said...

Thanks, L! =0) He is growing up sooo fast - I can hardly believe he's going to be a first grader!!!