Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Not Me," Monday!

Yup, it's time for "Not Me!" Monday!!! And, boy, do I have some doozies! =0) Of course, as usual, it's posted on Tuesday . . . it would have been posted last night, but there were some technical issues uploading all the pics and videos. =0)

This therapeutic blogging circus comes from MckMama, who has some great "Not Me's" posted on her page . . . check it out. =0)

Okay, so here we go . . .

Isaiah did not ask me while I was rocking him to sleep if he could have num-nums . . . I mean, the child weaned himself like 6 or 7 months ago . . . and he did not giggle when he asked, either. That's not like him at all!

Isaiah did not run up to me, lift up his shirt, and say to me, "Mommy, you want num-nums?" He's too well-mannered to do something like that! That's preposterous!!! =0) And, I most certainly did not totally laugh for 20 minutes about that either. Me, laugh??? NEVER!!!! =0)

Isaiah did not go up to my mom, slap her tush and say, "Stinky tush!" Hahahaha . . . ehem . . . nope, he would never! =0)

I did not say no to something Isaiah wanted and he did not totally tell me (after giving me that cute little look that was in the last post) and say, "Oh come on, Mommy. You're killing me!" I did not have to look away to keep from losing it, and he did not repeat it . . . where in the world would he come up with that anyway?

Isaiah did not serenade a squirrel. Seriously, sing to a squirrel? He wouldn't! Or would he????

Isaiah did not walk around church on Sunday picking up rocks, hugging them to his stomach while making a grunting noise, and them let them fall to the ground . . . my son, act out movies???? Never! (by the way, he was pretending to be Wall-E . . . or not) =0)

I did not think that one of our fish was dead and go get the net and a cup. I did not proceed to scoop up the "dead" fish only to find out he was still alive. I did not accidentally turn him upside down and still think he was going to die because he just wouldn't move.

And that said fish . . . he's definately not still alive . . . tormenting the other fish. Spunky little critter! =0) Glad he's still swimming, though =0)

Isaiah was totally not gassy . . . and he was not walking around the house making stinkies . . . and then waving that little hand in the air saying, "Eeeewww! That's stinky!" Nope, not my child! =0) He also did not let a stinky while sitting on my lap, then look at me with those sparkling, mischievous eyes and say, "Mommy, the bubbles comed from my tush and they went, 'POP!'" Again, I did not giggle . . . for twenty minutes. =0)

Isaiah did not consider himself to be an honorary Wonder Pet and make a cape out of a lap blanket. He did not start running around the house trying to find things to save . . . and I did not laugh so hard I started crying . . . and he did not think that I needed to be saved, either. =0) Nope, definitely something that would never happen in our house. =0)

I would never allow my son to eat while sitting on the potty . . . especially a popsicle. Nope, I would never, never, never allow anything like that. That's just yucky! . . . . . . . . . . . =0)

I completely did not just write an entire Not Me! post all about my precious little man. Nope, I'm definitely not a proud mama of the cutest little guy in the whole wide world . . . and I'm totally not biased. Nah, not me. =0)

I know most of these are about Isaiah . . . but he has been just too cute not to post any of these!!! =0)

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Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

What a precious little boy you have!
We're big Wonder Pets fans at our house, too. :)
Found you through MckMama...