Thursday, July 16, 2009

4 Weeks!!!!!!!!

We have officially made it 4 weeks without a hospital visit!!! YAY!!!! I am sooo excited about this because it was beginning to look like we were going to be visiting the ER way too often. Hopefully we can go much, much longer than this without an anaphylaxis episode.

That said, Isaiah is doing good. He has spots on his face and on his arms (little tiny red spots), but he looks pretty good overall. His speech is slowly recovering from the last episode and I think things are getting back to "normal." Another neat thing is we finally got to go on vacation. So far so good, but it looks like we may have to take a break for a day - he's getting really stressed . . . or overstimulated. Either way, he needs a day to catch up. =0) The trip is going well so far, very few reactions (reactions meaning rashes, sniffles, flushing . . . well, we have new rashes and he's flushing, but all is still well).

Speaking of "normal," =0) we had a very normal event happen this last week. Endeavour finally launched on its 6th attempt! =0) Yes, Florida weather this time of year can be a pain in the tush . . . it usually rains at some point every day this time of year. So, back to Endeavour, it finally launched even though the sky was a tad overcast. It was still incredible to see and I will post it for you guys to see - it was soooo loud. The clouds helped the sound last for quite a bit longer than it usually does and even helped to amplify it a bit - it was loud. =0) It's funny to hear people's car alarms going off for a launch (that's usually the thing you'd expect to happen when the shuttle comes back, you know, the whole sonic boom thing). It's so weird to be in the house when a shuttle comes back . . . it sounds like something has fallen on the roof of the house! It rattles windows, you can feel the vibration in a concrete floor . . . you get the picture - it's loud! =0) I'll post the video a tad later. =0)

"Da pace shu-tul went wayyyy up dere!" (The space shuttle went way up there . . . just in case you didn't catch that) =0)

Anyway, Isaiah was really excited to see the space shuttle go up, but disappointed that the astronauts didn't take him with them. Poor guy . . . maybe someday he'll get to see Jupiter or Mars. =0) With each failed attempt at launching, Isaiah was getting angry and discouraged. The last two times, Isaiah said that he was a superhero and would "break the storm" and help the astronauts get into "outer pace". I was so hoping that the shuttle would go up last week - it was difficult to explain to him that the shuttle had to be turned off because of a storm. =0) The look on his face was so sad. I wish we could get him over to the cape to see the shuttle - at least to one of the VIP spots. He is such a huge fan of the space shuttle . . . =0) He has been talking about going into space and seeing all the planets and stars . . . who knows, maybe we have an astronaut on our hands? =0) Maybe if we don't get our vacation, we can go to Kennedy Space Center once it cools down here . . . hopefully sometime soon . . . yeah, I know, wishful thinking, Florida isn't exactly known for it's cool weather. =0)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - things have been so hectic, and Isaiah hates it when I am on the phone or the computer - he hates it. =0) I think he even knows when I am on it when he's sleeping . . . he always seems to wake up at some point. He's always been that way. =0) I have also been preparing for our trip - something I was still hesitant to say that we were actually going on this trip. I really didn't want to get my hopes up, nor Isaiah's - especially since we had to cancel it last time. I am hopeful and expectant that this trip will be negative-event free. =0) Planning around anaphylaxis that can happen for no apparent reason can be so stinkin' tricky . . . speaking of stinkin', did you know that there was a Flippen, Georgia? I laughed so hard I nearly had to pull over! =0) Anyway, trying to plan a vacation close to hospitals is so difficult! So is trying to find hotels that do not allow pets - something I had never thought about until I had a child with severe life-threatening allergies . . . I also never knew someone could anaphylax from being around or near a cat or dog.

Apart from all of the excitement from this past week, there's not much else to post . . . things are "quiet" for the most part - I am soooo thankful for that. I'll try to post pics every once in a while of our trip. I know that I have been horrible at posting, I have just been enjoying time with Isaiah . . . and going to bed at a reasonable time. =0)

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Melanie (Allergy Family) said...

Woohoo, that is so awesome. Here is to many, many more weeks without hospital visits or anaphylactic episodes :0).
We are past 6 weeks of no diarrhea and are over the moon. The heat is giving Owen a hard time though but his reactions are way less severe than Isaiahs. But Benadryl is our best friend on those days or the day after he was out in the heat.