Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No News is Good News =0)

We finally received Isaiah's platelet count results - everything is fine. His platelets were a tad on the low side of normal, but still normal. YAY!! Actually, I have heard that it's not unusual for platelet counts to reflect anaphylaxis - I don't know the entire explanation, but that's at least what I understood from the medical jargon. =0)

The weird thing is that Isaiah's red dots and flushing have become so "normal" that I haven't posted much about them lately. We see them almost daily. Strange to think that there are things that we may face that will become "normal" - something that you almost expect to show up at some point every day (though you hope they won't). He has even been waking up flushed, rashed, and red-spotted. It's not the soap, it's not something he's wearing . . . it's not something I'm wearing that I know of. I check every product I wear to make sure it's "Isaiah-friendly." Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, every bit of makeup, hairspray, hair gel/mousse . . . all of it has to be Isaiah-friendly, and so far it has been. I wish I knew how to stop the reactions (especially the anaphylaxis) from happening. Yet, I also know that it may not be anything I'm doing (or anybody else for that matter) . . . it's just Isaiah's body. That part stinks!

Oh, yeah . . . Isaiah's speech is still being affected by the past two anaphylaxis episodes. Yes, a complaint has been filed with the hospital against the ER doctor (not the nurses), and yes, we are switching pediatricians. =0) I can't tell you how much I dislike switching doctors, but I think this is one time that warrants change. I think that IV fluids would have helped so much, had Isaiah actually gotten them. Isaiah's speech had improved so much to be set back this far. It's not a hideous change, but it is difficult to understand him - even for those of us who have been around him the most. It's not slurred speech, so much as it's babbling . . . again. =0( Vivian, you've got lots of work ahead of you (I'm sure you're glad to hear that, huh?) ;0)

We are working with Isaiah on his speech, but it just seems so frustrating to him as well as to us - he had made so much progress. I feel so bad for him . . . I wish I could just make it all go away for him.

In other news, Isaiah has been doing so good. He really enjoyed his birthday, but hasn't mentioned another birthday cake (he was mentioning "birthday cake" on a daily basis for over a month) . . . maybe we can finally take down the Thomas birthday banner that has been hanging up since last year . . . =0) Sadly, yes, that birthday banner has hung in the same spot for an entire year! Isaiah would not let anyone take it down. We even tried taking it down at night, but he would notice . . . and incessantly ask for it. Sometimes, you just gotta know when to pick your battles. That wasn't one of them! =0) I think I'll take it down tonight just to see if he notices when he wakes up tomorrow. . . I think. =0)

Since it has been so hot here, we've been stuck in the house. However, Isaiah did get to go out for a few minutes, with the cooling vest, of course. It was about 15 minutes, but to Isaiah, it was pure heaven! =0) He had so much fun in his little bit of time outside of the house. Then, the itchies came along with flushing and made him angry . . . he's still so cute when he's angry! =0) A bath and a couple of doses of Benadryl later, and all was right with the world again. =0)

As far as the 4th, we had a relaxing day. It was great! We had our own little indoor picnic, complete with watermelon. We watched movies, played together, and just had a wonderful time. Of course the evening wouldn't have been complete without fireworks - which were viewed from inside the house . . . then the car. Let me explain that one . . . as long as the fireworks were far away, Isaiah was fine. It was when the neighbors started lighting them, that Isaiah was scared. Only then was a "ride in da jungle" in "mommy's car" in order. =0) Yup, we went for a car ride to watch fireworks, though I don't think Isaiah really wanted to see the fireworks. In fact, I had to peel him out of the car when we got home - he thought the fireworks were going to come in the house and set the house on fire. =0( Poor guy had nightmares all night because of those "pireworks." He talked a lot about them today, though - you would never have thought he was even scared of them . . . except for the comments of "da pireworks stay out dair." =0)

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