Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fun =0)

While I thought about doing a Flashback Friday post, I thought this one would be more fun . . . because I just took these pictures and I have been itching to write a post ever since I took them. =0)

Anyway, at one point today, it was actually cool enough for Isaiah to be outside for a little while . . . as the weather usually does in Florida, it quickly warmed up and Isaiah had to come back inside to stay cool. =0) So, what did Isaiah do this morning??? He helped his Ye-Ye. =0) He loves following my dad around, helping him do whatever Ye-Ye's do. =0)

Today, Isaiah had a lesson in carpentry . . . of sorts. =0) Anyone who knows my dad knows that he loves to salvage what other people throw away - he sees a use for everything. Now, of course, he's not into garbage, garbage, but the screws, nails, wood scraps, metal scraps . . . stuff he sees that can be used again, but still the stuff most of us would overlook. Our across-the-street neighbor has been working on some kind of building in his back yard, and happened to be throwing out some lumber that just wasn't working for him. My dad, in true dad fashion, seized the opportunity to collect the unwanted scraps. The lumber was tightly stuck together with a large screw that had broken off and an insane amount of staples . . . that didn't stop my dad a bit. He quickly began working with the stuff to pull it apart and salvage as much of the supplies as possible. =0)

Well, Isaiah decided he needed to help, after all, he's a "super helper." =0) He ran outside to see what he could do, then returned to grab his "whammer-hammer" and his "rusty saw," along with a few other helpful tools (a screw driver, a pair of pliers, a wrench, and another saw). Isaiah didn't waste any time, hammering away as soon as he got back outside. It was adorable! Just watching my dad and son working together was priceless . . . of course my dad has a few bruises on his hands from Isaiah's plastic "whammer hammer" . . . and the poor "whammer hammer" is cracked beyond repair . . . but he oodles of fun! =0)

So, what was I so eager to share with you? These . . .

My Boy and his "rusty saw" =0)

"Gotta hit that staple juuuuuust right" =0) (when he's concentrating, he sticks his tongue out)

"I'll help you pull out those staples, Ye-Ye!" =0)

I can't forget these, either . . .

"Male Bonding" ;0)

Working side-by-side

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stitching under oaks said...

so great to see them working side by the tongue sticking out! too cute!