Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas! =0)

To watch the videos, make sure you pause the music player at the bottom of the page . . . oh, yeah, there's another video at the bottom of the page as well. =0)

I know I forgot to write an update . . . and I meant to write updates sooner . . . =0) Well, here's an update. =0)

Things have been going well - still no ER visit for either Isaiah or my dad!! I'll start with the labs that we have gotten back on Isaiah . . . so far, so good. According to the labs from St. Pete (at least the ones that we won't have to re-do), Isaiah does not have hereditary angioedema!! That's a plus, but it still doesn't explain everything . . . we do have to have 2 of the 4 labs redone because they are difficult to take. =0( Not so good news for Isaiah, who screamed, "she's gonna get me killed!" the last time we were at the lab. =0)

As far as the ones from Isaiah's pediatrician, there was no known reason for the petechiae. If it happens again, I'm supposed to take him in sooner so that we can figure out what's going on. As far as the petechiae . . . it's gone. =0) At least, mostly anyway. e has a few random dots of it here and there, but the majority of it is gone! Thank you guys for praying!!!

Now on to allergic reactions . . . yup, there was a very close call just a couple of weeks ago. We went to Maryland to see family - some of which Isaiah has never seen. To avoid a problem on the airplane or in the airport, I gave Isaiah extra meds. Well, it worked for the flight and the airport, but as soon as we left the airport, Isaiah started getting blisters on his lips, swelling in his face, and hives in his mouth and throat. Isaiah was a tad nauseous, but he didn't throw up . . . and his lungs didn't seem affected, so no Epi which means no wild trip to Baltimore-Washington Medical Center (which was near the airport). I did give Isaiah extra meds (which included 3 doses of Benadryl at one time). Apart from being extremely drowsy the rest of the evening, Isaiah seemed fine.

I would love to say the reaction ended there . . . but it didn't. Isaiah was swollen for at least a week and a half afterwards, with a stuffy nose & cough (from the nose issues), and red dots . . . oh, and then there were the red spots on his lips from the blisters. He's doing much better now apart from some babbling and other speech issues . . . and flushing and little bits of swelling. =0} I know, sounds like a lot, but I'll take this over anaphylaxis any day . . . and some of this is even a "normal" day-to-day thing for us.

My dad was supposed to go to Maryland with us, but he wasn't feeling well - not sleeping and in pain. =0( He's still not feeling the greatest, and on top of that, we have colds!

Anyway, on to Christmas . . .

A few days before Christmas, we started our regular Christmas baking . . . and Isaiah got an apron in the mail (our grocery store sent it to him) just in time! =0) He looked so cute in that apron! He had a blast, too!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve service, where Isaiah actually stayed to participate in the candle lighting - he even sang "Silent Night"!!! The next morning was just as wonderful. Isaiah woke up and was so excited to see the gifts under the tree. =0) He was so good, though - he didn't touch any of them (except for the unwrapped Tolee doll) until we were all in the living room! Later, we decorated the cakes and put candles on one of them to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and my mom (her birthday was on the 13th . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful and awesome Mom!!!! . . . I wanted to write a post, but we were in MD and didn't have Internet access).

Instead of posting individual pictures in the post, I made a little slide show for you to enjoy . . . and I'm posting a video from Christmas day. =0)

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Isaiah was so excited to find candy that was safe for him in his stocking =0)

Thomas was on his list, again, this year - "I'm so happy!" =0)

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