Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Dad and Zambia

My dad is home from Zambia! He actually returned last weekend, but I figured I needed to have a chance to go through his photos before I posted. =0)

Yes, my dad went to Zambia even though his doctors advised against it. =0) That's my dad! =0) Besides, it's difficult to go to Zambia without having a life-changing experience. It leaves such an impression on your heart, that you can't help but want to return. I still remember the beautiful sound of Zambians (adults and children alike) singing praises to our God, I remember the smells, and the scenes . . . the nighttime services, being in the middle of nowhere (yet somewhere special just the same), walking/driving through the villages. I miss it just as much as my dad . . . who can't seem to get enough of it either. =0)

This trip, Sons of Thunder was dedicating a church that my dad (and others) helped build. I know this was just another life-changing experience for my dad. As I said, it's impossible to go to Zambia and not be changed.

Of course, my dad has tons of stories to share . . . but has been so quiet since he came home. Unusual for him, since he usually talks your ears off for hours. ;0) I could tell you of my experience in Zambia, but I think my dad's most recent experience will be more fitting. As he decides to share, I will post. Until then, I have posted a couple of videos for you to watch . . . I miss those sounds so much! To see more videos from Sons of Thunder, you can visit YouTube and search for SonsOfThunderFarm (or just click on SonsOfThunderFarm). =0)

(You'll have to mute the music player at the bottom of the screen to hear the movies)

Church Dedication, Part I

Church Dedication, Part II

Village Service

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Rachel said...

Kelly, Thank you so much for sharing the pics and videos of Zambia! I esp. enjoyed seeing Pastor Jerry, your dad, and my in-laws all together!! It was nice to see them "live" and in motion :) thanks again for sharing! Love you!!