Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice in Florida?

Yup, ice . . . in Florida. =0) We had a bit of a cold spell here. It's about time, I say - it's strange to live in a place that only really has 2 seasons . . . a very long Summer and some kind of a Spring. No fall, no real winter . . . except for this year. We actually had a winter! =0)

This past weekend we had "snow". Okay, so more like rain mixed with sleet . . . with a few flurries. =0) Not the winters we were used to in Maryland, but hey, it works. =0)

Isaiah was in heaven! He heard the word snow on the weather channel and went nuts! "SNOW! I build a snowman an frow snowballs!" So, just to let you know what we got to do this past weekend . . .

Poor icy tree . . . odd how it turned white . . . the others seemed fine

Icy lawns . . . don't let my dad know you saw his patchy-brown lawn . . . he takes pride in his usually green lawn. =0)

See the sleet bouncing off my dad's truck?

Okay, now on with the cute pics. =0)

Just look at that face . . . not sure of what to think of the invisible snow =0)

Pleased that the sky was making the "snow" (it was sleet with a tad bit of rain)

He caught some on his glove - "Wook, Mommy, a snowfwake!" =0)

"Awesome!" =0)

So happy =0)

Snow dance, anyone?

Still dancin'

Catching the ever illusive snowflakes =0)

My little "snow angel" =0)

Fascinated by the sleet tapping the umbrella

"I'm singin' in the . . . uh, sleet!" =0)

Of course he had to use his umbrella . . . "ev-wee day is an umb-weh-wah day!" =0)

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stitching under oaks said...

you guys really have had some cold weather. glad isaiah is enjoying it. he's so cute in his ear muffs and hat! did your dad go to Africa this trip? John's mom is there now...hope all is going well with you. My computer was down for a bit so it's good to catch up with all of you.