Monday, April 12, 2010

Memorable Moments Monday =0)

Considering I couldn't wait for "Wordless Wednesday" (or almost wordless, anyway), I decided that a Memorable Moments Monday was needed. =0) So, why was I soooooo eager to post??? Well, remember that I mentioned Isaiah had won an outfit from Hartley?

Here are the new, seamless duds from Soft Clothing. =0) They have really nice clothing (it's soooooo soft!) and are working on adding even more clothing soon (like seamless socks). So, after looking at the pics, take a look at what they have. It's also a great place to find Autism (ASD) and Sensory (SPD) resources.

Mr. Joe Cool . . . ummm, I mean, "Herald Angel" =0)

"Hello, world!" =0)

Groovin' to his own tune . . . =0)

Sweet little guy - doesn't this photo just make you want to grab him and hug him? =0)

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Chynna said...

He looks like he really enjoyed his photoshoot. =) TOO adorable. Thanks for sharing these.