Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Little Man is My Hero!

Today, Isaiah had yet another appointment . . . this time with an ENT (a doctor he has never actually seen before . . . the doc is right across the street from Isaiah's PCP). =0) Turns out, Isaiah's nose was broken . . . our favorite hospital (insert sarcasm) seemed to misinterpret the x-rays . . . it was quite noticeably a break. The doctor wasn't too pleased with whomever looked at the x-rays (though, I have to say that the doctor we saw was quite nice . . . but she didn't look at the x-rays). All he really did was look at Isaiah and knew that his nose was broken. The exam and x-rays just confirmed his suspicions.

So, after the doctor's diagnosis, I sat there thinking, "here comes the anesthesia." Well, I thought that the doctor was going to set us up for surgery, but needed to look at Isaiah's nose a bit more. He had me hold Isaiah and mentioned that Isaiah may feel a bit of pain . . . examining a nose that's broken may have something to do with that. =0) Then CRACK POP CRACK . . . he reset Isaiah's nose! AGH!!! I thought I was going to toss my cookies, if you know what I mean.

Isaiah did hold my arm a bit tighter, but I had no idea why until I heard that. Isaiah did not even whimper!!! He had tears streaming down his face, grimaced a bit, but did not make a sound! Mommy, on the other hand . . . while I didn't scream, I was making a few noises to keep from losing my lunch. =0}

I am so proud of my now straight-nosed little guy. I know that he has been through a lot, and that he is one tough cookie . . . but I had no idea he could tolerate that. It makes me wonder how much pain he's in (and how often he's in pain) and just doesn't say a word. Stupid masto (more on this later).

We have a few "reshaping" things to do until our next appointment on Friday. Hopefully, this is the end of the nose fiasco. =0)

I have oh so much more to write (yeah, I can hear the sighs of relief), but I will save it for another day. =0)

Oh, yeah - one last thing . . . Isaiah is officially a Kindergartner . . . (more later) =0)


Rachel said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's my hero too! What a brave little boy!

stitching under oaks said...

what a brave guy! I can't believe they just cracked it into place right there without any warning...maybe that's better though.