Monday, May 17, 2010

I really haven't fallen off the face of the earth =0)

And it has taken almost a week to write this post! =0)

Things have been, well, busy here. =0) Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing bad, just busy. I feel like it has been a long time since I have written anything, so I figured now would be a good time to post something. =0)

The summer temps have come to FL (except it cools down nicely in the evening), which brings the lovely smell of the ocean, the beautiful flowers, and (unfortunately) reactions for Isaiah. =0( While most people are spending more time outside to get over cabin fever, we get to spend our time indoors avoiding the heat, mosquitoes, and all the issues that come from it. =0}

Anyway, since Isaiah's reactions have come back again this year, we canceled our summer vacation. Oh, how I need a vacation! It's okay, though. We'll get one eventually, but it will be when things cool down again (I'm thinking sometime in November???). Even going north during the summer won't give Isaiah much relief, seeing as the traveling can be just as bad. Not only that, but it is difficult to find hotels that are within our price range and that do not allow pets (pets in a room = reactions, including anaphylaxis, for Isaiah).

The heat has caused some issues for Isaiah that have come very close to an ER visit. A little over a week ago, we decided to watch the shuttle launch. We had planned to wait out our time in Walgreen's, but since we didn't get to leave early enough to get a parking space, we had to walk to Walgreen's . . . which is about a mile or so from our house. Since Isaiah has a cooling vest and a stroller, I figured we'd be okay to get there and cool off inside Walgreen's. I was wrong - Isaiah began flushing and became lethargic (a flashback to last summer) even with the vest. He did see the shuttle launch, but he could have cared less. I felt so bad for the little guy - he LOVES the shuttle launches (he would so be an astronaut right now if he could be). Just this one outing has brought on several days of itching, increased flushing (more flushing than we've had since it started warming up), more than usual swelling, a purple spell, headaches, body aches, sleeplessness . . . grrrr, those stinkin' mast cells! God is awesome - we have not had an ER trip since January/February . . . apart from the nose thing =0}, but that was not for anaphylaxis (God is good)!

We also had a bit of an issue with the Zyrtec/Tylenol/Benadryl recall. Yup, all three of them were an issue for us. Isaiah had almost taken 2 bottles of the recalled Zyrtec (we go through a bottle a week), a bottle of Tylenol, and a good portion of the Benadyl. Good thing it was a "voluntary" recall. =0/ The company did reimburse us for the meds, but we needed to find an alternative for Isaiah. The Benadryl was a no brainer - just use the non-recalled Benadryl. The Tylenol was easy, too. The Zyrtec . . . not so much. Since Isaiah can't swallow tablets yet, and the generic brands have ingredients Isaiah is allergic to, we had to find something to give him that would be safe for him. So, we now use Xyzal . . . which the insurance won't cover, but it's at least cheaper than buying 4 bottles of Zyrtec a month. =0) Xyzal seems to work almost as good as Zyrtec, too! (YAY!)

Isaiah also registered for school . . . MY BABY IS GROWING UP!!! I have mixed emotions about school and Isaiah - I'm excited he has reached another milestone in his life, yet sad that his schooling is "modified." Because of all the allergy issues Isaiah has (and his very high risk for anaphylaxis), his doctors feel that it would be best for Isaiah to receive schooling at home. Since he is too advanced to hold out one more year (not that it would make that much of a difference without God's intervention), we have to put him in some form of schooling. He really wants to ride a big yellow bus, but even if he could go to school, we live too close to the school . . . he would have to walk (which means, we would have to drive him to school in the morning).

We at least have a choice between home bound (where a teacher comes in twice or so a week) and K12 (online public school - 5 days a week). So far, it seems that K12 will be the winner. =0) We can also tweak the program for him so that he doesn't get bored - that's the part I like. It's computer-based, but it also includes hands-on activities that the school district sends to you. It really looks like a neat program . . . and Isaiah will still have Awanas . . . and hopefully some other kind of social activity (like gymnastics or something).

On to Mother's Day . . . we had a good day. We relaxed, we played, we chatted with my cousin and his girlfriend who came to visit (yes, Bill, I posted your picture . . . see 2 paragraphs below). =0) Which brings me to the pictures for Mother's Day . . .

Everyday is just so much brighter when I see that smile and those sparkling eyes! I just love being a mommy! =0)

Since then, we have had fun with Bill and Elma (my cousin and his girlfriend). It was nice to see them - I haven't seen Bill in quite some time . . . probably 10 years or more? I even got to introduce him to Madea. =0) Yup, we have yet another Madea fan in the world. =0)

(He sooooo did not want his picture taken . . . but no one escapes my camera!) ;0)

(She didn't know I was taking her picture) =0)

As far as my dad . . . he's doing okay. He found out that he had taken too much of one of his medicine (he was taking twice the amount the doctor prescribed) . . . which explained why he was sleeping sooooo much. God protected him and is fine now that he stopped taking too much. Of course, now he is out of it until sometime next month. =0/

He has been having more problems with his memory lately, as well. He is getting lost when he drives . . . and for a person who used to be a good driver, he scares the bejeepers out of me everytime I'm riding in the car with him. This past week, instead of driving with a green light, he sat there . . . with cars behind us . . . and didn't move. Poor guy. Then, he almost ran a red light at another light. I'm not writing any of this to make fun of him, though we try to make light of it with him. It's more or less just hard to see this happen to him - and he notices he's not the same and takes it quite hard. He knows it's not just "getting old" and that this leukemia is just trying to make itself known.

My dad also got a new cell phone (a free upgrade with the account), which has been a trip! =0) He hates technology . . . and now he has a smartphone . . . and not just any smartphone - a touchscreen Android phone. =0) It has been so much fun watching him get used to the thing. Fu-u-nny! If you know him, you'll have to ask him about it. =0)

We're still standing in faith, as always. Apart from God, I don't know how anyone can deal with problems without going completely insane. We know that God is awesome and able to do the impossible. He not only hears our prayers, but He also answers them. God is faithful and keeps all of His promises and covenants with us. It's so wonderful to serve a God like Him - glad there isn't any other.

Until next time . . . . =0)

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