Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School Days (& Aquamarine)!

Look who is in kindergarten!

Isaiah had his first official day of school! I can't believe my baby is now in kindergarten! Time flies by so fast - cliche, I know. =0)

If you haven't been following the blog long, Isaiah isn't attending school in a traditional setting because he is at a very high risk for anaphylaxis (the doctor's words). Isaiah's doctors have stated that they do not want him in school until we can figure out how to prevent his regular occurances of anaphylaxis (and better manage the allergies). Since Isaiah has mastocytosis on top of severe allergies, his body is way too sensitive. Basically, the allergies irritate the masto, and the masto irritates the allergies - they sort of make each other worse than they should be. Since Isaiah's body can't handle all of the allergens introduced in a school setting (food residues, pet danders, temperatures, etc.), Isaiah is homeschooled through K12 (an online private school that also offers public schooling).

Anyway, Isaiah did such a wonderful job answering questions and following directions. He really enjoyed the online portion of school (more than the written portion . . . ). =0} He did write his name several times today, though! (I did forget to post that he wrote his name for the first time at VBS just a few weeks ago!!! . . . yes, I have a picture of it, too.) =0)

He did have a meltdown later today, but it was to be expected - his schedule changed. This child has always had to have a schedule and things had to be just right for him. I have to say that I expected it to happen earlier in the day, and it did look like that was going to be the case, but he handled today rather well. This evening, he just lost it! Poor guy. He'll do fine once he catches on to the new routine. Oh, yeah . . . and he hates all the writing, cutting, and sticky glue (don't touch the hands!!!). =0)

K12 is actually a really good program. The curriculum follows the regular public school curriculum, but it seems to cover a bit more. He did about 4 hours of school today, working on math, language arts, phonics, and handwriting. Those are actually going to be the subjects he does every day. Later, he will do science and history twice a week and music once a week (my favorite subject). =0)

On to Aquamarine . . .

(One of) My boy's favorite color(s) . . . =0)

(okay, so I just realized the fish, a few stars, and the stone on the helmet are the only things with aquamarine on them . . . at at least I tried) =0)

And he looks so stinking cute in it too! =0)

He's also wearing his new blue jeans from Soft Clothing . . . but only to carry on a tradition (sort of . . . a new tradition?). =0) You see, I wore a denim dress on my first day of school. Since Isaiah can't stand blue jeans, Soft Clothing had the perfect pair of denim pants for him (which he loves, by the way). =0)

Anyway, I just couldn't wait to share these with you. =0) I have more to post, but they'll have to wait for now. I'm pooped! =0)

As far as an update on the lab results and MRI . . . we are still waiting to hear. They have the MRI results, but they want to wait and discuss them with us after all the labs come back. This Wednesday will make it 4 weeks since the labs were drawn, and the labs were supposed to be back in 4 to 6 weeks. I'm hoping they come in this week . . . at least the MRI results can't be all that bad, right? =0)

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Heather Covington Padilla said...

So Kelly, are you his teacher? He looks so cute and happy with his backpack!