Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just a quck post . . .

to tell you about an awesome Spring giveaway from Soft Clothing! Remember this picture????

And this one???

Those are clothes from Soft Clothing - and only two of the times Isaiah was wearing their clothes (we get a lot of wear out of them). =0) We have several pairs of pants from them, and they are just as soft as the day they arrived in the mail. We love them because Isaiah loves them . . . and he actually keeps them on and doesn't fuss about them being "yucky" or "icky".

Aaaaand . . . he'll be wearing the soft denim pants (and maybe even a soft shirt) for his Spring dance recital. =0) (Keep a look-out for those photos) =0)

If you know a child who has sensory issues, or a child who just looooves soft clothes (who doesn't, right?), then take a look at Soft Clothing's site - they have quite a bit to look at including shirts, shorts, dresses, socks, and pants. They also have a list of resources on their site for sensory kiddos. While you're there, enter the giveaway, too! =0)

I am also writing a post that will be, uh, posted soon. =0) I just haven't quite gotten there yet . . . but it is coming. =0) For now, I have to go . . . we have a trip to St. Pete tomorrow for an upcoming appointment and a quick Spring Break vacation. =0)

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stitching under oaks said...

what a cutie he is....I'm thinking that soft clothes sound good fro just about anyone! Hope you all are enjoying the spring!