Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Missing??? Not exactly. =0)

I just noticed that I haven't posted much of anything this year so far . . . sad, really sad. =0} So, this post is for those of you who still follow my blog and are absolutely curious as to what in the world is going on around here. =0)

First, the IEP frustration. To sum it all up (because it's a long story that still angers me a wee bit, to say the least), I was trying to get Isaiah on an IEP because, let's face it, he has autism and has difficulty understanding language. Well, the local school doesn't see it that way. The way they see it, he reads well and his comprehension doesn't count, so there's no need for an IEP . . . even if we are modifying his daily lessons and assessments because he cannot understand them! Ehem. So, another meeting is being planned to re-discuss the IEP and to at least go for a 504 (which wasn't even offered).

Second, Isaiah's psychiatrist and neurologist want more therapy. More ST, more LT, more social therapy, more OT, more PT . . . any way you look at it . . . more. =0) Isaiah is receiving some help, but it's not enough. He does need more ST and LT - he has difficulty understanding language and has some difficulty communicating (it can be difficult to understand what he's saying as well . . . he also has a habit of making up his own words). As far as PT, Isaiah's hamstrings are still really tight. His abductors are looser (hips), but his hamstrings haven't changed much at all. He has gained some upper body strength, but still needs to work on trunk control as well. Sooooo, more PT which is coming in the form of . . . PT (he is in dance and gymnastics to help, but it's not enough . . . though, it has helped things at least stay the same - without it, things would have been worse, so I'm told). Hey, he has actually learned how to run without a strange gait thanks to dance and gymnastics! =0) I'm so proud of my little man! This time, though, he actually has to go to the hospital for PT (no surgery, though - YAY!).

Third - Insurance. We're still having problems getting Isaiah's meds covered, but thanks to a new job for me, we have another insurance to help us out (Isaiah is on disability and is also now covered on my insurance policy). I also found out that disability (aka, Medicaid) will only cover 1 bottle of Xyzal every 365 days . . . with or without the other insurance. So, I am supposed to pay $70 a month for this med . . . in addition to the others that they are refusing to cover. To give you a little perspective, one bottle lasts us about 30 days . . . you can do the math, one bottle a year isn't going to help us at all. So, why Xyzal when there's Zyrtec? Xyzal works better. Isaiah had fewer weird reactions (red spots that turn to blisters and then look like bruises for weeks after).

Apart from all of this, however, Isaiah is doing okay. He hasn't had an episode of anaphylaxis since the last one in late February (literally, the last day in February). He did have quite a few rebound reactions that were less than pleasant (not that any are pleasant, but they weren't the easier ones to deal with). Isaiah has also had some interesting "minor" reactions as well, including those disco-light spots that appear and disappear . . . and reappear. This time, though, they stay there for a good bit, and if they are scratched, they turn into blisters that turn into dark red spots (they almost look like bruises) that don't go away for weeks. He has had the spots stay for a while, but never the blister issue with them. Weird, but not that surprising . . . Isaiah is, after all, the medical mystery as his local allergist likes to remind me of. =0}

The walk for Autism Speaks went really well - it was last Saturday. We were able to reach and exceed our goal, thanks to the generosity of many. Thank you, again, for those of you who supported us financially and even in spirit (as I know many wanted to donate, but were unable to do so). However you decided to support us, it was appreciated and loved - thank you! I walked the full 5K and enjoyed meeting so many people who were willing to walk in that hot, hot sun to raise awareness for Autism. It was inspiring and refreshing . . . even though a nice cool shower was needed at the end of the walk! =0) As for Isaiah . . . he didn't get to attend the walk because it was so hot. I really wished he could have been there - he would have had a blast! But, he got to swim in a nice cool pool while I walked in the hot, hot sun. =0)

On to my dad . . .

My dad has been having some health issues lately. When he works, he swells and is in so much pain he doesn't know what to do with himself. He is also having trouble with tremors - he shakes so badly at times. Sometimes, he is shaking so much he refuses to eat - what's the point if he can't get it to his mouth? He usually ends up dropping his fork and walking away from the table angry, frustrated, hungry, and confused. It's hard to see him go through this.

On top of that, his regular physician told him that his blood has thickened (from WM - the leukemia) and he is beginning to have nose bleeds - especially at night. He is always cold and is actually a darker color than he used to be (circulation issues).

Then, there are the memory issues. WM can cause Alzheimer-like effects, mentally, but he is going through testing for Alzheimer's just to make sure he doesn't have something else on top of everything else going on with him. He gets lost easily in familiar places, forgets things he has never forgotten before . . . has difficulty driving and remembering all the rules, forgets how to cook or that he has even turned the stove on, etc.

Please, please, please keep him in your prayers - for his physical and emotional health. He hates not being able to keep busy - he isn't physically able to take care of his lawn or do repairs on the house much less help anyone else out (for those of you who know my dad, this is torture to him). He won't tell you, but it's wearing on him - he hates to sit around and do nothing.

Lastly, my Uncle Ivan went to be with Jesus early this morning. Uncle Ivan is my dad's brother-in-law, but was like a father to my dad. If you were following my blog over a year ago, you may remember a post about my Aunt Sis - my dad's sister. Uncle Ivan is my Aunt Sis' husband. Like her, he had a wonderful heart. He was mischievous and was always in the mood to make someone smile or laugh. He was also devoted to my Aunt Sis, and spoke of her almost all the time after she passed away. Isaiah thought he was quite funny - they only met once, over a year ago, but Uncle Ivan had so much fun playfully teasing Isaiah and having Isaiah-friendly conversation. We're going to miss him - he was always the life of the party.


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