Sunday, June 5, 2011

YIKES!!!! (turn off the music player at the bottom to watch the videos) =0)

It has been a while since I posted last . . . I didn't realize it has been so long! =0}

We have been busy - Isaiah's schedule is hectic. Since the last post, Isaiah has completed his second year in Awanas as a Spark, still hasn't gotten an IEP (though, after the second meeting, we are closer - he's so smart, he just doesn't understand language well), began real physical therapy, finished his first year in gymnastics and dance . . . let's see, have I forgotten anything??? Oh, yeah, he graduated from Kindergarten! =0) I can hardly believe my baby is now a first grader!!! Aaaaand, he had the first portion of his Make-a-Wish! =0)

Back to PT . . . his therapist told us that he has officially been diagnosed with - get ready for this, because I was totally shocked to hear this . . .

Cerebral Palsy!

Yup, that's right, Isaiah has been diagnosed with spastic diplegia - basically, it accounts for his legs being so tight and his upper body being so loose. He has hypertonia in his legs and hypotonia in his upper body, which basically means he has muscle/tendon/ligament tightness in his legs and weak/underdeveloped muscle tone in his upper body (which we knew, but now have a reason for it). Why didn't the doctor mention this a year ago when he had the MRI??? Your guess is as good as mine, but it was quite interesting to hear the final outcome from his PT specialist a year later! I'm not really angry, but I will ask the neurologist about it the next time we see him (he didn't even mention it at the last appointment). The PT specialist also told us that his measurements are borderline for braces. Nice. I am quite thankful, though, that he hasn't needed them thus far . . . hopefully, he won't ever need them.

Okay, now on to Gymnastics and Dance! He had his gymnastics recital the following week after his PT appointment (which, by the way, is done by me at home since insurance will only cover meeting with the therapist once a week for 23 sessions a year . . . ehem . . . ). Anyway . . . =0) Isaiah did sooooo well! I am so proud of him - he worked so hard and it showed. He might not have conquered a cartwheel, a push-up, or being able to hold himself up on the parallel bars for very long, but he did an amazing job! I know it was difficult for him, and at times painful, but he stuck with it. Here's a little video of Isaiah doing his gymnastics: =0)

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As far as the dance recital, (again) Isaiah did an amazing job! He is learning to walk on his heels, which is difficult and painful for him to do, and he is also strengthening his upper body. The kiddos were so cute! Since boys don't have as much in dance attire as the girls do, his outfit didn't exactly match the girl's . . . but he is just so stinkin' cute! =0) Here is the dance recital for you . . .

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Then, there was Part I of Isaiah's Make-A-Wish! This one happened a bit before the gymnastics and dance recitals . . . but it's one of the best. I had been putting off a Make-a-Wish trip for Isaiah because I felt like I was giving up and admitting the severity of Isaiah's health issues. I just didn't want to admit that they were that life-threatening, I guess. Well, I finally felt like I was cheating Isaiah out of something that was a gift for him and Isaiah got the first portion of his Wish - to see the space shuttle a bit closer than we have been able to get. He LOVED it! He was so excited about seeing the space shuttle from the causeway (just water between us and the shuttle) and also slightly disappointed . . . he thought he was going to go on a trip with the astronauts. =0) He had a blast, even though we had to leave our house at 5 in the morning to wait for a shuttle launch at 8-something in the morning. It was a wee bit cloudy, but we were still able to see this:

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Well, that's all I have for now . . . Isaiah turns 6 in about 20 days, now, so I will be posting (again) sometime soon. =0)

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