Monday, June 20, 2011

Six years ago today . . . Part II

Today was the due date . . . at least, six years ago. I thought for sure my baby would have been born by this time and I would be holding my tiny baby boy, Isaiah, in my arms. Well, God (and Isaiah) had other plans. As I mentioned in the last post, due dates are a cruel, cruel joke. ;0)

I had my bags already in the car - I was ready to go. Still, nothing. I began timing my Braxton Hicks contractions just hoping that maybe, just maybe they would be the real thing at some point (you know, maybe that would help bring on the real thing). =0) Still nothing. I'm convinced due dates are there to torture us mommies who are doomed to exceed them. You see it coming, and you get all excited, just to see it pass and become history . . . just not the history you had hoped for. Cruel joke those due dates are. ;0)

I was sick of laying on my left side, but moving around wasn't an option either. I couldn't breathe standing, sitting, laying down, standing on my head (just kidding about that last part). I just couldn't get comfortable. Of course, it was also painful to do much else - seriously, Isaiah was stretched out in there! =0)

I had given up on the baby shows - I was sick of them. Plus, I think I started seeing repeats. =0) So, I started watching Noggin instead. You know, getting familiar with the kiddie shows. I even watched Sprout and began to watch the Baby Einstein DVDs I had purchased months earlier - I got a really good deal on the whole set . . . at least the whole set they had at the time. =0) I abandoned strict confinement to the sofa, and began to crawl on the floor and wash the carpet by hand (I didn't want a baby to be on a carpet that didn't meet my preggo standards) and fixed his room . . . again. =0) Oh, crawling??? Yeah, I figured that would almost be the same as laying on my left side. =0)

I read the final chapters of my pregnancy books again, hoping to find some bit of information that I had missed. I was all prepared with my birthing plans and with all the "tricks" I had learned for labor and med-free pain management (yes, I was one of those who did not want drugs). I made sure my tennis balls were in a sturdy sock (to massage my back), my comb was in the right pocket in my bag (to hold during labor - it's supposed to help with pain), my (shhhhh) snacks were packed. I had everything ready. Oh, yeah, and I also began to read the first chapters in the baby books so that I could be prepared for my baby. =0)

Off to the doctor's appointment . . . I was hoping it would be the last one, the one where they would say, "go, wait at the hospital, your baby is coming." On the other hand, according to the doctor, Isaiah was still baking and nothing had changed in my preggo status. It would be the last time I would hear from a doctor that my belly was measuring a bit large (meaning a large baby) . . . I had heard this one other time. I just ignored it, ignorantly. =0) Another appointment was scheduled for the 24th with no talk of induction, but just the hope that labor would begin soon for me (no sign of it, though). Oh, and more bed rest on my left side. =0)

God was still teaching me lessons that I wasn't too thrilled with being taught. I wanted God to do what I wanted Him to do . . . I was trying the speak it into existence approach, and I was finding out that God does not work that way. Persistence (or in this case, stubbornness) is one thing, knowing and having the faith in God's plan and timing are another. I'm really not the boss (not that I thought I was, but I was hoping there was faith somewhere that changed things a bit), God is the boss and had decided when Isaiah was going to come into this world - God, and apparently my baby, were not agreeing with my plan. =0)

Six years ago today, I headed back home, sobbing (more rolling of the eyes, I know) to stay on the sofa and bake. =0)

More to come . . .

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