Friday, June 24, 2011

Six years ago today . . . Part III

Six years ago today, I had my scheduled appointment. This time, I didn't even consider being induced. I didn't even want to think that today was the day I would go into the hospital to meet my baby boy - I didn't want to be disappointed yet again. I went into the appointment with no anticipation, just plodding in there to hear my baby's heartbeat and to make another appointment.

The appointment was long. The doctor checked everything, left the room (he even darkened the room so I could nap a bit . . . laying there on my left side), then came back to check on me again. Instead of saying, "okay, see you in a few days," he said, lets get you checked out at the hospital." WHAT?!? Calming myself, he told me to go have a good lunch, then drive over to the hospital to be checked out. He didn't want to make any promises, but he also wanted to make sure I had eaten just in case I was there a while. So, I drove to Subway and ate what I could (I might have been hungry, but there was nowhere for food to go), then drove to the hospital. Yes, I was driving and I wasn't supposed to be . . . long story that doesn't need to be shared on the blog. =0)

When I got there, I was met by another doctor from the same practice. He looked at me and said, "you look uncomfortable!" Yeah, no kidding. My clothes barely fit (the full belly panel on my shorts was showing) and I couldn't breathe. Having compassion on me, he found a chair for me and asked, "do you have your bags with you? I can't bear to send you home - I'll see what I can do to have you admitted." Finally! A doctor with some compassion!!! =0) A trip to the car with a smiling nurse and a few hours later, I was given a room in labor and delivery. No, I wasn't in labor, but Isaiah had absolutely no room left in there and it was taking a toll on my health.

Six years ago, today, I was waiting in L&D. Waiting with hope and belief that my little baby boy was going to make an appearance the next morning. I was hooked up to all the monitors and given a few meds to prepare me for the long day ahead. Again, I was told to stay on my left side . . . they weren't kidding - they made sure I stayed on my left side and off my feet. I made a few phone calls and watched TV.

This time, I just knew I would meet my baby boy - a child I had prayed so much to have. I was excited, and slightly scared, but confident I could handle labor . . . ehem. =0) Prayer continued as I waited. There would be no dinner tonight - dinner is not given in this part of the hospital . . . but my hidden snacks worked just fine. =0)

I remember the room so well. It was made to feel like home. Beautiful wooden cabinets that hid all the evidence of being in a hospital with pretty pictures on the walls. The only evidence of the room being in a hospital were the floors and the bed. There was also the cart at the foot of my bed - the cart with all the things needed for the birth of my child, neatly covered . . . but they were there. There was also a bassinet waiting for my baby. This wasn't imaginary and it wasn't on TV - this was it. It also didn't feel like the last two times I was in the hospital - the doctor was determined to help Isaiah into the world. I was not leaving without my baby in my arms this time - even if a c-section was needed.

There wasn't much that happened that night - it was a lot of waiting. The birthday song would play for babies who were born that night over the speakers. I knew other mommies were meeting their little ones. This time, I wasn't frustrated - mine would be here soon.

I was as prepared as I could be. I had everything planned out for the next day (chuckle, chuckle). No more What to Expect When You're Expecting, it was time for the real baby books, you know, What to Expect the First Year. =0)

I slept little, if any that night. The bed made my poor left hip hurt along with my back (lovely delivery tables), but the excitement of what was to happen very soon kept me awake - even Lunesta wasn't helping. =0) All night, I listened to the sound of my baby's heartbeat and movement. I became thankful for this moment - a moment I knew God had prepared me for and prepared for me. It was perfect timing - His timing. There's no way of explaining why, it just was. I was happy and at peace . . . six years ago, today. =0)

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