Thursday, June 12, 2008

Allergist Appointment

(the picture is of Isaiah making sounds like a lion - he's so goofy!) =0)

We had an appointment with the allergist today - she offered some help! She decided to try a different medication with Isaiah, to see if it would help control his asthma (I think it's advair). It's an inhaler (not a neb. treatment), so it may not work with him just yet (he doesn't exactly know that he has to inhale with his mouth on the contraption). . . and really, it's a contraption . . . there's like this mouthpiece on a bag, and you put the canister on the mouthpiece . . . yeh. =0) Until then, we continue to wean him off the albuterol treatments. It also looks like we are off to St. Petersburg to All Children's Hospital - they have a program for Isaiah (and I hope we have a better experience there than we did at Johns Hopkins). =0) It's about 5 hours from here, so it will be an overnight stay. The good thing is that they have a Ronald McDonald house for us to stay in for the appointment (which is in September). As far as the date, it's still better than we had with Johns Hopkins - we made the appointment in January or February and couldn't get in until September (or October). Since it's June, September isn't too bad I guess. At least this time I am not worried about what I should feed my child until then! =0)

Well, that's all for now!!
Kelly =0)

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