Monday, June 2, 2008

Lakeland Revival

I am still pretty much speechless about the revival service in Lakeland. WOW! The presence of God was incredibly strong, and the service was amazing. I walked outside of the building once (to change Isaiah's pull-up) and looked up - there was a cloud hovering over the building with lightening! It reminded me of something you would read in the book of Exodus, you know when Moses was on Mt. Sinai. Just amazing. I want to go back - I didn't want to leave. People were being healed of all sorts of things. There was one man (an older man) who was weak and in a wheelchair who stood up and started walking. There was another young man who had cerebral palsy who was taking his first steps. Deaf people were being healed, including a little girl (about 4 or 5, maybe 6) who was deaf - it tugged at your heart when she began looking around (almost confused) because she could hear! Just amazing. God is so awesome!

Todd Bentley spoke a bit about God raising up women, and restoring their position in ministry. What he said spoke directly to me, confirming what God has been calling me to and the dreams I have had. I went looking for healing for my son, and received confirmation - God's too cool! =0)

Isaiah wasn't prayed for by Rev. Bentley, but he was prayed for by his interns - you could feel the power of God. There was so much warmth and just overall power - my arms were trembling and trying to find extra strength to hold on to Isaiah (who somehow fell asleep in all the beautiful noise). Isaiah had so much peace on his face that night (and he didn't itch that night either). I don't know exactly what happened with Isaiah, but I do know that he will be healed. It might not be today, or tomorrow, but it will happen.

I was also excited to see Shawn and Rachel - WITH GABE!!! =0) Their faith amazes me (and their dedication to Gabe's care is astounding). They are such wonderful parents!! Gabe was prayed for by Rev. Todd (as well as everyone else in the building). You could feel God's compassion in that place when everyone was praying for Gabe. Gabe even kicked a little, and I think I saw his eyes open just a little (probably to look at that man who was touching him). =0)

It was amazing - Gabe's color improved, and he was breathing much better when he came off the stage (I think I saw Rachel turn off Gabe's oxygen because he didn't seem to need it). Gabe might not have gotten up out of that stroller, but I know God is moving in his life and is healing him. The looks on Shawn and Rachel's faces were priceless, and just beamed with faith and hope. Just amazing - praise God! I can't wait to hear what's going on with Gabe now. =0)

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