Friday, June 27, 2008

Saying Hello!

Hi guys!

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted . . . I've been super busy. =0)

Just a little update . . .
Isaiah is 3!!! He just turned 3 yesterday (Wednesday, June 25th . . . at 6:23 pm). =0) Time goes by sooooooo fast! He had his birthday party today - it went really well . . . it was perfect! =0) He has been so excited about his birthday . . . last night when I was making his cake, all he talked about was his "happy birthday cake." Even today, when I brought in the balloons, he started dancing around singing "I love balloons!" (the song Annie sings in one of the movies from the Little Einsteins). =0) I can't wait until he wakes up tomorrow . . . I'm sure the excitement of his birthday will not have worn off one bit! =0)

Isaiah is doing well on his new medication. He finished the antibiotic with no issues - a VERY good thing - and seems to be doing well on the new asthma medication. The only problem with it is that he has to inhale it within a few seconds. He's starting to get tired of taking it (the newness and excitement in hearing the little whizzing tone has worn off), so now he fights me. =0( It's okay, though. It takes a little convincing, and sometimes I have to take out the nebulizer to convince him, but he eventually gives in and takes the medication. I feel like we waist too much of it though - he will sometimes act like he's going to take the medication, and then turn away . . . =0}

His rash seems to come and go right now. Mostly, it has improved. His feet are still crusty (as well as portions of his hands), but he only has a few spots of rash on his back, legs, tummy, and face. His hives have completely disappeared (the last time we went to the allergist, Isaiah had hives on his torso, and a few on his legs last week). Part of all of this could be because of one of his medications has been increased (the zantac, which is some kind of antihistamine) - based on an idea from the support group, and the further recommendation from Isaiah's allergist. The zantac actually helps control rashes (especially since Isaiah has issues with systemic reactions). Of course, I should also mention that God has played a HUGE role in all of this - His hand is on Isaiah's life, and I know that He is healing Isaiah.

Isaiah continues to amaze me with the things he's saying about God. He has said that God is talking to him, and runs to the TV to make sure we watch the revival - he says that we have to "see Jesus on TV." Please, know that Isaiah does not think that Todd Bentley or any of the other ministers on TV are Jesus - trust me, he knows the difference. He knows that Jesus is in the service. He even talks about Jesus at various times during the day. I think it's awesome that Isaiah can see Jesus - whether he sees Jesus or even just senses His presence. Either way - it's awesome! I also love how he talks to Jesus and worships - amazing!!!

Well, that's all for now! =0) Good night!


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