Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Clinic Visit

Monday was our regular visit to All Children's allergy / immunology / rheumatology clinic. It went well - all the labs that we had done in November came back with good results . . . at least the third disease in the mix isn't hereditary angioedema . . . or angioedema at all. The test for streptococcus antibodies also came back negative (thank you, Jesus!) . . . that would be a very bad thing if his body developed antibodies to a bacterium naturally present in our bodies, but would explain the idiopathic anaphylaxis episodes (idiopathic = unexplained). Just a little info. on the strep antibodies . . . apparently, a high strep titer can cause a cross-reaction with brain tissue, causing abnormal behavior (including autism and, as suspected with Isaiah, anaphylaxis because the brain is sending wrong messages).

Right now, we are waiting for the next set of tests . . . the tests done by the Rothman Center. As of today, they are all back. However, we have to wait for the appointment (which they wanted to schedule for next week . . . but I scheduled for the 23rd). =0) While I want to know what's going on with Isaiah, I'm starting to feel like we live in St. Petersburg in some hotel . . . or at the hospital (since we seem to spend sooo much time there in appointments lately - the shortest appointment has been an hour and a half . . . the longest, three and a half!). No complaints, though - I know others really have the right to say they live in a hospital.

Isaiah was put back on Advair . . . not for asthma, but to just keep his lungs out of this anaphylaxis stuff (it seemed to help when he was on it, at least). No more steroids, though . . . they didn't seem to work anyway. =0) Really, that's a good thing - we don't want any more steroids! As far as any other answers as to what's going on with Isaiah, the doctor is just frustrated . . . she's not giving up, though. She wants answers, and so do I . . . as long as that doesn't mean we turn Isaiah into a pin cushion or Guinea pig.

On another note, Isaiah has grown a smidge since his last appointment . . . he's now a half an inch taller. =0) As far as his weight, he has lost 3 pounds since his last visit. He really hasn't gained anything over the past year, but at least he's still growing.

Honestly, I'm thankful Isaiah doesn't need a feeding tube . . . he never has, and I pray he never will. With all that he's been through, things could be worse . . . but God keeps things good. God has His hand on Isaiah, which is obvious. I was telling someone just the other day how Isaiah, even when he's at his sickest, seems to have a peace about him. Yeah, he cries when he's hurting, but he still has peace - God's peace. He can also keep a smile on his face when it also seems impossible to smile - God's joy. It's amazing to see the fruit of the spirit coming out in your child! =0) Isaiah's bravery and strength (again, God) amazes and inspires me.

I just love my little hero! =0)

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Rachel said...

I love the pictures Kelly! You did a great job. Isaiah is a hero in my book, too. I'm glad for good test results. Thank you God. Love you!