Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Way to Go, Isaiah! =0)

I am so proud of my little man tonight. Isaiah has earned his second patch as an Awanas Cubbie!!! That means he has learned 5 Bible verses (and a motto) over the past 3 weeks! Here's the list so far . . .

I John 4.10 - "God loved us and sent His son."
Cubbies Motto - "Jesus loves me!"
Romans 3.23 - "all have sinned."
Romans 5.8 - "While we were sinners, Jesus died for us."
Genesis 1.31 - "everything God had made was very good."
John 3.33 - "God is truthful."

The best thing is that he remembers all of them - he even recited all of them for the Cubbies leader tonight! =0) Such a smart cookie . . . and what a wonderful memory! =0) I also love that he's filling his mind with good things to remember . . . not just lines from movies (the most recent is Arthur's Christmas . . . and, of course, The Wiggles). =0)

(and yes, I took my camera just so I could capture Isaiah's happy dance) =0)

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thedooligans4 said...

Congratulations Isaiah! That is great! I am glad he went back after the first week... I think I might want to sign my kids up! 5 verses in 3 weeks is awesome!