Friday, April 18, 2008

Isaiah's Recent Appointment

Hi everyone!

Well, we went back to the dermatologist today. Isaiah has pretty much gained all the weight back- yay!!! He is still eating like a pig!!!!! =0) He still has the rashes, just not as bad as they were - the prednisone really helped. The dermatologist looked at his remaining rash and prescribed another topical ointment - protopic, I believe. He said that it has fewer side effects (steroids have more side effects), and that it should help to keep the rash under conrol. He said that he thinks it might be good to do patch testing (to see if he is coming into contact with a metal or something) to see what he might be allergic to. He also said it's possible that yet another food is bothering Isaiah, and that it's possible he could have some kind of disease that doesn't allow his body to absorb zinc (apparently zinc deficiencies can lead to rashes and eczema issues . . . .). He also said that the rash on his the rest of his body isn't from cutaneous mastocytosis (mastocytosis of the skin) - yay!!

We have an appointment with another allergist on Tuesday morning. They WILL be doing testing - he is to be off all his medications for at least 48 hours before the appointment. Needless to say, I am a bit worried about the 48 hours without his medicines - especially the antihistamines. Please be praying that Isaiah doesn't anaphylax (like he has done before off the antihistamines) or have any problems without the medications. I'm nervous for him! I don't think he'll mind not taking his medicine for a few days, though. =0) He's just starting to notice that they don't taste too good, even with the flavorings. =0)

I will keep you posted on everything going on - thanks for your prayers!!!



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