Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hi guys!

I just wanted to leave a quick note on how the biopsy went. It was a little more than I expected - instead of being a scraping of skin cells (or even a shaving), it was a punch biopsy. It's the kind of biopsy that they take a thing that almost looks like a pencil without its eraser, and literally punch your skin to take a sample of it. The doctor took the biopsy from a spot on the inside of his knee, since his feet and hands would be too complicated and sensitive. Isaiah was numbed, but conscious for the procedure. He did so well - such a brave guy. The numbing was the worst part, but we couldn't tell if he was totally numb, so the doctor gave him a little extra to make sure. Isaiah has 2 stitches, but is doing well. He did such a good job - I am so proud of him. Even the doctor shed a few tears - something that was totally refreshing to see.

Well, I am off to bed!

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