Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hospital Trip

Well, Isaiah had an anaphylaxis episode last night (Wednesday) and had to go to the hospital. We had to use the Epi pen, so it was pretty bad. So far, it appears like it was one of those unexplained attacks - he didn't have anything new to eat, and he hadn't eaten anything else.

He seemed fine (he was running around in the living room), then all of sudden he stuck his fingers in his mouth like he was choking, but it looked like he was scratching. When I looked in his mouth, I saw patches of rash. Then he stared coughing funny and breathing funny. His lips were swollen and he had hives on his cheeks and lips (probably in his mouth as well). It happened so fast.

The Epi pen didn't help as much as it should have either - even after the ambulance got here (about 10 minutes after the Epi), he was still having breathing problems and was falling asleep. His heart rate was over 150 BPM (from the Epi), and his blood pressure was really low (anaphylaxis). It was so scary! He even had a breathing treatment in the ambulance (which he didn't even fight - very unusual).

Once we got to the ER, Isaiah ended up throwing up on me, but they were able to get an IV in, and administered some extra antihistamines. His heart rate came back down, and his blood pressure came back up, but they decided to admit him for observation. It took him a few hours to return to his old self . . . well, almost old self - he was still itching a lot and hives were continuing to break out on his tummy and back.

After he was back to normal, he decided that his IV machine was a robot that needed to walk with him everywhere in his room. =0) He was so funny! Even when the doctor took him off the IV this morning, he still wanted to walk around with his robot!! He even got upset when they plugged it in the wall - "It's not fair. Want Robot walk with me." He got over it fast enough when he found out the door was open! =0)

We have an appointment with the dermatologist on Friday (to remove the stitches), as well as an appointment on Tuesday (with the allergist), and another one with his pediatrician (who saw him this morning at the hospital). Just keep this little guy in your prayers - this episode happened so fast. Hopefully, we will find some answers . . . or God will heal him. The unexplained episodes are the hardest because you have no idea how to prevent them.

It was so awesome to see God working last night! The nurses in the ER got together and prayed, even the doctor prayed. When we got to the floor last night, we even had a nurse who prayed for us and was just so encouraging. It was amazing to see my nephew, Bradley, pray - he was praying for Isaiah even after we left for the hospital. Even the peace that I felt - I was freaked out, but felt so calm at the same time. I don't think I would have been able to give Isaiah the Epi (because my insides were trembling) had it not been for the peace of God. It's not the fact that it's a medication for a scary situation, it's the fact that it's a huge needle and it hurts and burns - I hate needles, and I got nauseous just thinking about giving it to him.

Well, that's all for now. =0)

Love & Blessings,


Rachel Marini said...

Kelly, So sorry to hear about Isaiah's anaphalaxis episode :( I'm so proud of you for doing the Epi pen, I know it must not be easy!!! So glad that God was watching over Isaiah and brought him through. We will be praying for you all, and for Isaiah's healing.
Love always,

Ken S said...

hey kelly! we are so glad that he is feeling better! we'll be prayin that the doctors figure out what is going on!
ken, monet and isabella