Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The latest on us . . . =0)

Well, Isaiah just completed the last dose of his prednisone (he went from 15mL to 5mL). It's a good thing, yet not so good as the rash started to return on the next to last day of the 10mL doses (about a week ago). He has started to wear his shoes again (he was wearing bedroom slippers), and has been eating well (a lot in fact). He has also gained some weight - it's so good to see those chubby cheeks again. =0) I think he is up to 37 pounds, so he has gained about 7 pounds - 3 more to go!!! Woo-hoo!!! It was weird to see his pull-ups fall off of him when they were wet, not to mention his bones.

He did have a rough night last night - he woke up at 5:30 this morning itching. I am just praying that tonight won't be like last night.

I am so thankful that God is healing him, and it's awesome to see God working in Isaiah (and through him). He's such a sweet boy, and it's so good to see him jumping around (and running), laughing, and just being his goofy self. He has developed a weird thing, though - he has a pattern . . . he runs around the house . . . he just keeps doing it until he's tired enough to sit down! =0) He's so

As far as my dad . . .
He's had good and bad days. He really wasn't himself this morning. He was grumpy, and just not talkative at all. He didn't even watch his usual morning shows (The Walton's and Little House on the Prairie). He stayed in bed for a bit (after eating breakfast), and then finally went outside for a while. He came back later and fell asleep in the chair until dinner time, and then just repeated the process. He is frustrated that his mind isn't working the way he wants it to. He's also constantly tired and in pain. Today he said that he was cold - so cold that he just couldn't get warm. He also said that his skin felt like it was on fire, and his whole body ached. My mom checked to see if he had a fever, but she said he was cold to the touch. His lips have been blue the past few days as well. Please pray that these symptoms would go away - that he would be able to think clearly, be out of pain, stay warm, and that he would be back to his old self again. He really misses doing all the things he used to do - working on lawn mowers, taking care of his lawn, building things, tinkering with clocks. He gets so frustrated. I am also praying that he finds peace and joy, and the comfort that only God can give. There have been a lot of things in the past year or two that haven't been all that encouraging, and we have all been through a lot of stress (he has also been fighting disease for quite some time). I also pray that he is able to see the blessings amongst all that has happened, and that he just doesn't give up hope . . . hope in life, hope in many more good days, hope in God.

My mom seems to be handling all of this well. I know she doesn't always show how she's feeling, but I know it must be hard on her as well. I think that so much is going on that it's hard to be focused on just one "problem". When did life become so complicated? =0) Please pray for her too - I know she is under a lot of stress her self. I have to say that there are times where it's just hard not to scream - you know, just run outside and scream at the sky just to let out the pressure. Not really a scream of anger, but of relief - it just seems like it would make you feel better. Sadly, I don't think the neighbors would appreciate it very much. =0)

God remains faithful - He has helped us, already, in so many ways . . .I'm not even sure where or how to start. I can definitely say, though, that without Him there is no way that we could have gotten to where we are now. So much has been learned, and there's still more to learn! I have started signing all my e-mails with the following Scriptures (and a quote from a well-known guy) just because it's what I am learning right now:

Ephesians 3.20: Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the (action of His) power that is at work within us, is able to (carry out His purpose and) do super abundantly, far over and above all that we (dare dare) ask or imagine (infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams).

Romans 8.37: Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us.

"Never, Never, Never, give up!" (Winston Churchill) =0)

Never be afraid to ask God for anything. How can he give it to you if you don't ask? I used to think (and sometimes I still do) that I was just being a burden by asking God a list of things. It always seemed easier to pray for someone else (and right) than it was to pray for myself. Not that I was thinking God wouldn't listen to me, but I just always thought that you should never ask too much of anyone - I didn't want to be annoying or seemingly ungrateful for what God has given me. All of this has taught me that I don't have to worry about God getting annoyed with me for asking, after all, He wants me to ask. Those nights where I have gotten no sleep, crying out to God was really no problem at all, and I can see the importance of keeping it up even when things get calm. I need a higher expectation and trust for God - for all He can do and for all He is. I need a deeper confidence in Him, and a deeper relationship - to the extent that it's hard to tell where I end and where God begins. Scripture means so much more to me now.

Well, that's my novel for tonight . . . =0) Thanks, Terry for making my mind work over-time! =0) Just kidding!



Joanne said...

Hey Kelly, I love your blog. I couldn't agree more...it's great to see Isaiah's chubby cheeks again. I always enjoy watching him run around the church but we have a little bit more room for this than you do at the house. He is too funny and very silly!! That's what makes him so special!! You are all in our prayers. Joanne

Rachel Marini said...

I love the new page! Thanks for allowing us to keep up with your lovely family and so we can be praying.... love the pics too :) Isaiah always 'makes' the picture. You are so blessed

Michelle Stillman said...

Dear Kelly My Mom forwards me your information and I always read it. You can let your Dad know that I understand what it is like to have our whole body feel like it is on fire! I praise God have not dealt with that in a while. I will pray that it will also subside for him. Isaiah is so big and cute! We miss you guys. The scriptures that you are focusing on are encouraging!
Michelle Stillman

The Deffenbaughs said...

I will definitely be praying for the little man! God has everything under control always remember that! Love ya!