Thursday, April 24, 2008

Please be praying . . .

tomorrow Isaiah has an appointment with the dermatologist for a skin biopsy. I know it's a simple thing, but I'm sure it still hurts a bit (and scary for a toddler). Please pray that Isaiah has peace during the procdure, and that he is almost oblivious to what's going on (he has gotten really touchy about where the rashes are). He's so strong! I don't think that the dermatologist will do the patch testing tomorrow - I think that will be in another week or so (the patches are placed on the skin for 2 days, then test results are read on the second day).

The biopsy will tell us how many mast cells are in the skin's surrounding blood vessels, and may even tell us what type of eczema/dermatitis this is.

I forgot to mention - Isaiah lost a portion of one of his nails today (because of the rash). His nail didn't form correctly, and was really thin. He was scratching today, and the nail cracked where the most damage to the nail was. It's just so weird to see him go through all this. Just a few months ago, I could put a little hydrocortisone on a small breakout and it would be gone the next morning. I hate seeing him itch so much. I just keep looking forward to the day where God totally heals him, and he can have a normal birthday cake with normal ice cream. No more unexplained rashes, no more tummy aches because of allergies, no more hives, no more worries about anaphylaxis. No more insanely long grocery store trips that last at least an hour and a half because you have to read every ingredient on every label, even if it's the brand you always buy - just because you never know when ingredients or factories will change. No more insane grocery bills, either. The bright side of it all is that I've never seen a toddler eat as healthy as Isaiah - what toddler eats brussels sprouts, asparagus, and avocados? =0) I can only hope that he continues to eat this healthy. We are also so blessed to live in a country where it's easy to find foods that Isaiah can eat, even in a state/city where there are health food stores close by that carry foods safe for Isaiah. Even if there weren't a store we could go to, we could go online and buy most of the foods there.

Well, I will let you know how things go - it's about time for me to go to sleep. =0) Have a great evening!


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