Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just a little Update

Please keep Isaiah in your prayers. He seems to be in a little pain the past few days. Apart from being clingy and irritable, you would never even notice - he still jumps around and runs around (man, this child is resilient)! He is also having trouble sleeping at night, and when he does sleep he is restless and jumpy.

He does have a little rash and his appetite isn't the greatest. He does still drink his chocolate milk, though (chocolate rice milk that is). =0) I wish that he would try the neocate, but he hasn't ever really liked the taste of it (and I must say that the smell isn't that great either). I think I would be a little more relaxed about him not eating if I knew he were getting the nutrients from the formula (which, by the way, is the only formula he is supposed to be able to tolerate).

As far as Fay . . . it looks like Fay might be coming to Florida. The hurricane or storm (or whatever it may be) should be affecting us late Tuesday or Wednesday. I will keep you posted (as best I can) - I'm really busy this week and, when Isaiah is awake, Isaiah won't let me touch the computer! =0)

Currently, though, the only hurricane that has hit our household is Isaiah! =0) Hahahaha, just kidding. Isaiah sure can make some messes, though. I will post some pictures on that a little later. =0)

Now, for some sleep! =0)


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