Saturday, August 2, 2008

A little update on my Dad . . . =0)

Of course, I didn't want to forget an update on my Dad . . .

Please keep him in your prayers as well. He has been shaking a lot, but last night was worse than it has been. He was just sitting at the table trying to eat his sandwich. He closed his eyes, and had both hands clentching the sandwich - he was shaking so badly, I thought he was having a seizure. It almost looked like he was going to drop his sandwich. It wasn't just his hands either, it was both of his arms, shoulders, and chest. It was the weirdest thing - his shirt was even jumping.

He has also been in a lot of pain as well - his nerves are really irritated (he has nerve damage from the kidney failure). I'm not sure if I mentioned that in any of the blogs, but my Dad is in the beginning stages of kidney failure because of the medications he takes (a combination of the pain medications and his fluid pill . . . he was drinking too much water while taking the fluid pill). At first, the pain seemed to be tolerable as long as he drank gatorade, but even that hasn't helped too much the past week or so. Another strange thing is that he is fine one minute, and the next he's not doing so good.

He's having a rough time dealing with all of this - he's an active guy and hates not being able to do things. I know he trusts God, but I think he just wants to know why all of this is happening. Please, continue to pray for him.

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