Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Camping Adventure =0)

We had Isaiah's first camping adventure . . . in the living room. =0) It was so much fun! It all started when Isaiah got into the closet and found his shopping cart insert . . . and called it a sleeping bag. =0) So, I spread it out on the floor and Isaiah layed down and pretended to sleep. He was so cute! At bedtime, he wanted to sleep on his "sleeping bag". Not wanting to argue, since he actually wanted to go to sleep, I sat down next to him and sang him the usualy lullabies. Within a few minutes he was fast asleep . . . but not on the normal sleeping bags.

I thought about picking him up and taking him to bed, but I thought, "why not just go camping in the living room?" That's when I got out the other sleeping bags and a blanket, which slightly woke up Isaiah so that he sat up . . . asleep. After that, he fell over and . . . well . . . here are the pictures. =0)

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