Thursday, August 7, 2008

On the lighter side of things =0)

I had the best afternoon and evening with Isaiah. He has such an imagination!!! Well, since our cable is messed up (who knows what in the world is happening with that), we have been watching movies . . . lots and lots of movies. Don't get me wrong, we still have time without TV. Anyway . . . Isaiah wanted to watch a movie with Santa Claus, and he ended up picking a movie . . . well . . . without Santa. =0) He picked one of my Dad's all-time favorite movies, Snowball Express! Funny thing is, he watched the WHOLE thing! =0) (As far as the pic . . . sipping apple sauce through a straw is sooooo much fun! . . . . so is blowing bubbles in said apple sauce) =0)

He decided that his scooter was the snowmobile (the folded up scooter, that is). He sat down on the thing and kept trying to scoot across the floor . . . yeh, my long-legged little man was trying to scoot across the floor on something that was about 3 or 4 inches in height! It was a sight to see. To make it even funnier, I tried to help him out by opening the scooter, so that he could at least roll it across the floor. Of course, he didn't like that idea and gave me a look of "um, yeh right mom" and said "Oh, Mommy! How could you?" I couldn't help it - I just busted out laughing! To which he replied, "Mommy, it's not funny!!!" I wasn't only laughing because of what he said (which is definitely funny), but also out of joy - my son is speaking, clearly! =0) Praise God!!!! Finally!!! =0)

He eventually decided that I was to sit on this make-believe snowmobile . . . so, as any loving mommy would do, I got down on my knees and pretended to sit on the folded-up scooter (which was unacceptable at first). =0) I am soooo glad no one else was there! =0) It was so much fun, though. A few times, I decided to "fall off", and Isaiah would come over and say "Okay, Mommy, enough. Sit down!" Sound like mommy language??? Gee, I wonder who he's imitating??? =0} He would then yank on my head and try to pick me up!!! He's so funny. He eventually got Nai Nai (my mom) in on the act - that was funny! =0)

It was just so nice to be able to sit with my little man and watch this movie (and then, of course, act it out . . . as he usually does). It was so nice to step back from the hectic schedule of the day and just exist, just spend quality time with my beautiful little boy in interactive play. Yeh, we read books together, do arts and crafts, bake things, etc. But there was no agenda, no "teaching" anything in particular. It wasn't a chore (not that it ever really is). It was just so refreshing (kind of like rocking him while he falls asleep, and then watching him sleep).

Ah, I just love being a mommy!!! =0)

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