Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Post for My Little Man =0)

I figured that since there's not much more to report on my dad (who is still in the hospital for more testing and such), I will post about Isaiah. =0)

Isaiah is doing good right now. He wakes up crying a few times a night, he's had some tummy issues, he caught a cold, he still has a pretty bad rash on his back (that was also on his tush), but he is doing good. =0) He hasn't complained too much about pain during the day or at night so increasing the Zantac and using the Benadryl-Tylenol combination must have helped. I am still thinking that the doctor might put him on Gastrocrom (a med he had a while ago . . . it worked, though).

His speech today was much clearer than it has been in the past 2 weeks or so - he's a funny little guy. He has such a great humor and just loves to make you laugh. Even when he's mischievous, when you look into those sparkling eyes of his, you can't help but smile back at him! =0) He is such a sweet boy and I am totally honored that God chose me to be his mommy!!

Isaiah has a few appointments coming up. I say a few, because I'm sure it could be worse! =0) The most recent one is Monday (the 29th). This is the appointment where Child Find will be observing him for high functioning Autism (amongst other things). This is also the appointment where we will be able to start the whole IEP process. I will post shortly after the appointment to let everyone know how it went.

The next appointment (and one we have been waiting for) is on the 10th with All Children's hospital. This appointment is "big" because it will be an appointment to see what we can do (medically speaking) for Isaiah and the masto. In speaking with the nurse, yesterday, Isaiah was initially supposed to be off all meds for at least 7 days . . . 7 days!!!! I said that being off his meds for 7 days could mean that he would end up in the hospital before we got there and she said, "Well, in that case, forget what I said." =0) If they need him to be off his meds for any amount of time, then the doctor may have us stay in or near the hospital so that Isaiah can be closely monitored. Apart from that, I asked what we might expect while we were there (seeing as no one had called to talk to us . . . other than changing the appointment). A bone scan might not be approved by the insurance because it's not a normal allergy & immunology thing. So, if the insurance (which I have argued with them over the necessity of 8 epi pens) decides that this scan has nothing to do with allergies, then we will have to schedule that for another time (with rheumatology or with an MRI place outside of All Children's that is closer for us). As far as the bone marrow biopsy, that is still possible (along with a lung biopsy - there is a possibility that Isaiah's mast cell accumulation is in his lungs, hence the "asthma" that turns into anaphylaxis).

After that appointment we have a follow-up visit with Isaiah's PCP (for the appointment on the 29th and for his check-up) and another appointment with his closer-to-home allergist (as another follow-up). I was also told that Isaiah may have other appointments with other specialists after the appointment with Child Find (this was mostly relating to the masto and schools issue).

I will definitely keep everyone updated through this site, so keep looking! =0)

As for now, I think I will post a few pictures and go to bed. =0)

These pictures are from this past weekend (we went to see 2 shuttles on the launch pads). Okay, so I am becoming somewhat of a space geek, but I find these things simply fascinating! =0) I was even bummed that we might miss the one launch (originally scheduled for the 10th, but it was rescheduled for the 14th). . . and it's a night launch - one of the most beautiful launches. I have some other exciting news regarding this, but I will save that for later. =0)

Okay, so the pictures . . .

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