Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quick Update on My Dad

My dad is home!!

He was finally discharged this evening and finally got home at 7:00 or so. He's here relaxing and feeling a lot better.

The doctors said that his heart is in good condition and was not damaged by the pericarditis. They also said that the reason he keeps getting pericarditis might be from his exposure to asbestos when he worked in the schools. He was given a few breathing treatments while he was in the hospital, but he doesn't have to continue them at home.

He will have some follow-up appointments, so I will let you know more as we do. He was treated in the hospital for the pericarditis and seems to have little to no pain right now (at least he wouldn't say he was still having much pain). He still seems groggy from the medications, but he looks so much better than he did yesterday (see the hospital pic in comparisson with the pic from this evening).

Thanks so much for your prayers!!!


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