Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday =0)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Let's see, where to begin . . . =0)

I did not completely confuse today with tomorrow. I seriously, did not think today was Tuesday and try to figure out why my schedule just didn't seem right. Nope, not me. =0)

I did not let my child run around this evening while my dad sprayed him with the garden hose. Nope, and he didn't thoroughly enjoy himself, either.

I did not stop at every intersection in our neighborhood, even though there were no stop signs (for me, that is). Nope. Not me! I mean, really, I've driven through the neighborhood at least a hundred times. There's no reason that I would forget something like that! Eh-hem. =0)

I did not oversleep this morning . . . nope, I didn't sleep until 11 this "morning" because my alarm (aka, Isaiah) didn't wake up until then. Even then, I did not tell him that it was still too early to get up, not knowing the real time . . . I would never! Okay, so yes, I would. =0) Hey, sleeping in when you have kids is a luxury, right?

I did not finally remember to take my computer to someone who might be able to retrieve my lost files . . . especially since I had asked them if they could help a couple of months ago . . . in fact, the Sunday before VBS. I wouldn't forget every time I left the house, I mean I really want my computer back . . . WHY would I forget???? =0) Hey, at least it's finally there, right?

Okay, now for a few for Isaiah . . . =0)

Isaiah did not answer a phone call from a solicitor and babble incessantly . . . to the extent that the person hung up . . . then laughed uncontrollably about doing so. Nope, not my 4-year old. =0)

Isaiah did not spend the majority of yesterday playing with a space shuttle . . . and neither did Mommy. =0) He wasn't so excited about this space shuttle that he spoke of it all day. I can't imagine anyone, let alone my son, talking about his toy space ship. Nope, and he didn't yell, "to da mooooon," either! =0)

Isaiah did not decipher parental coding. Nope, he certainly hasn't learned how to spell by listening to adults talking in this said code . . . he most certainly wouldn't know that t-o-y spells toy, nor can he write and read that word. "Tuh-oh-weeeeee!" =0)

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stitching under oaks said...

I think you're in serious denial. :)