Sunday, August 30, 2009

Update from Our Latest ER Visit

Just to let you know how Isaiah is doing today, he is feeling much better - he even ate!

Yesterday, Isaiah spent the majority of the day resting - he wasn't really into playing very much. Every once in a while he would let his personality shine through, but he would tire easily. He ended up falling asleep around 9, only to wake up again at 10 . . . not wanting to go back to bed until 3.

As far as eating, he was still throwing up a bit (reactions can take a bit to calm down, and he hadn't eaten since Friday night around 7 or so). His tummy just wasn't settled, even with all the extra meds.

Today, however, he hasn't thrown up at all and decided that he wanted chicken and "trench tries". =0) While he still didn't eat a ton (as I would have thought given the dose of steroid he is on right now), he did eat. And he has been munching ever since. =0) I imagine that by tomorrow, he'll have the refrigerator and the cabinets cleaned out. ;0)

He has also been drinking a bit more (another thing he wasn't doing much of). He drank a little before going to bed (by a little, I mean 2 cups of Sprite and 1 cup of Coke . . . he did ask for them, after all). =0) Today, he still won't touch juice, but he has finished the bottle of Coke and is almost there with the Sprite (I know, but he really doesn't get this stuff all that often). I also offered his "chocolate milk" (chocolate rice milk), but he really wasn't interested in that either . . . and, yes, the stuff actually does taste good. =0)

Tonight, he's almost back to his normal self - even taking time to play loudly and dance a bit. =0) Today, he plays for a bit, then rests - not 100% normal, but getting there. Recovering from anaphylaxis can be tiring, so I'm not too worried. Right now, he's reenacting the launch from Friday evening with his little space shuttle. =0) Maybe it's just loud because I have a cold and my ears are overly sensitive, but he is unusually loud tonight! ;0) It's good to see he's feeling better. (hahahahaha - he just yelled out, "Mommy! I'm going to space exploring!" =0) Goober.)

Well, I have to give the last meds of the day and get my little "super driver, space explorer" to bed. =0) (hahahaha, no he says he needs "Mommy's" help, who just so happens to have a red, painted-on goatee, because there is a "meee-ter shower!" Sounds urgent . . . by the way, I don't have a red painted-on goatee, just the little figurine that he's pretending is "Mommy" - I love his imagination! ) =0)

Before I go, though, we have been keeping Isaiah in because of the flu - he has been on prednisone (a steroid) for about 4 months now, and is now on a higher dosage of it for the next 8 days. Since taking steroids lowers your body's ability to fight off infections, Isaiah isn't really allowed to be out and about - there are cases of the swine flu around here, too. He isn't able to get the flu shots because he is allergic to eggs. We, however, can get the flu shot and will as soon as it comes out. I do work with kids, so I am exposed to germs. Please pray Isaiah won't catch any of these germs - we really don't need that. =0) Thankfully, there have only been a few times where Isaiah has had a reaction because of an illness (fevers can irritate those overactive mast cells).

Okay, so, yeah . . . it's time to get this little guy in bed . . . he's collecting ants and giving them to us (okay, so there were only 2) . . . the big ants that somehow have sneaked in under the front door . . . silly ants. =0) And now he tells me he needs a red super hero cape with a space shuttle on it because he's a super helper, too. =0) I just love the way he thinks . . . and how he's ever so specific about his requests. =0) Any ideas on how to get a child on steroids to go to sleep??? ;0)

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