Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lab Results . . .

Much to Isaiah's dismay, we had the labs drawn Monday afternoon . . . he was not a happy camper (as he told me several times while we were there), and I had to bribe him with Lego people. =0) Anyway, the labs are back, and Isaiah has 3 new Star Wars Lego people to add to his collection (which were supposed to be saved for his birthday). =0)

I must say that my heart sank when the doctor called - she wasn't supposed to call unless something was wrong. Her calling, especially so soon, just made my mind whirl a bit. She started out saying, "I have the lab results," and continued to talk a little. She sounded so upbeat, but that really didn't sink in until she said, "everything looks normal." Yeah, Mommy's heart had already stopped beating, so the eternity it took her to get to that part didn't sink in until a few minutes later! ;0) His platelets are within a normal range and his kidneys show no signs of infection or damage! God is awesome! I am relieved to know the lab results - I was thinking, "two weeks????" =0)

The "bad" was about his eosinophils . . . they are still very high (eosinophilia). Not unlike the past tests, so I wasn't surprised by that (honestly, I hadn't thought about them being high, low, existent or nonexistent). =0) As far as the petechiae . . . well, the high eosinophil count can cause that, we just have to watch him for anything more unusual (his petechiae wasn't just from scratching, it was in random places all over his body). Just in case you're curious about high eosinophil counts and petechiae . . . don't do a Google search. I wish I hadn't. =0} Too much info. and a tad scary. Isaiah is healthy and his labs aren't showing anything scary, so he's good. =0) So much for just trying to understand what "eosinophilia" means apart from too many eosinophils! =0} (Eosinophilia actually goes along with systemic mastocytosis . . . another reason why the labs were no surprise)

I forgot to mention the last time I posted that Isaiah finally gained some weight! At the appointment last Friday, he's at 47 pounds . . . . and he is at 48 inches! =0) He's finally tall enough to ride the flight simulator at Kennedy Space Center (poor guy seemed stuck at 47 inches for a while) . . . but we'll still have to wait for cooler weather to go back . . . maybe September. =0) I was totally praying for him to grow so that he could ride the thing . . . he was so disappointed when we went to ride it and he was too short. I can't wait to explain it to him . . . but I want to keep it a wee bit of a surprise! =0) I'm soooo saving up for a little astronaut outfit for him when we go there (yeah, when he's older he'll be mad at me - 'cuz you know I'm going to take pictures - but, secretly, he'll be happy). =0)

I just had to share the news about Isaiah's labs with you guys - I know you guys had been praying. Our God is so amazing - He knows what He's doing. Even if we haven't seen Isaiah's full healing right now, we can still see God working in the scary situations that arise with Isaiah's health.

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