Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MRI - brace yourself, long post. =0}

Well, to catch some of you up who haven't been on Facebook . . . =0}

Isaiah had an appointment with a neurologist this past Thursday. At the appointment, the doctor noticed (as did I) that Isaiah has no reflexes in the lower half of his body. He tried several times to get Isaiah's muscles to respond, but to no avail. Upon further examination, the doctor noticed that Isaiah was inflexible (with limited flexibility in his ankles) and his hamstrings are tight. We had noticed that Isaiah walks on his tiptoes, and he didn't begin to crawl because of his stiff little legs, but had not really thought too much about it . . . now we know.

However, the doctor (and I) want to know why. Especially since his upper body is so loose and he has less muscle tone in his upper body. He is also looking for causes of Isaiah's autism symptoms. Basically, these tests will give us a further diagnosis for Autism (high-functioning/Asperger's). We will also be seeing a geneticist sometime in September (there was an appointment for this week, but . . . I'll explain in a minute). =0)

However, there is a bit more than that going on. Generally, with autism, people are flexible and loose (like Isaiah's upper body) - they don't have the tightness and loss of reflexes. So, that adds some new speculations as to what's going on with Isaiah. The two possibilities are encephalopathy (in short, a form of brain damage) and spastic diplegia (a form of Cerebral Palsy). Now, I know that Isaiah is the same child I have always loved - the same with or without these tests. However, I would like to know how to help him - hence the testing.

That brings me to the testing. =0) Isaiah is supposed to have an MRI . . . with sedation (along with blood tests being drawn during the MRI). If you have been following my blog for at least a year, you know that the last time Isaiah had a procedure with sedation he anaphylaxed twice in one week - the episodes were 3 days apart, 24 hours after the procedures. We still don't know if the anesthesia or the procedures (endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy) caused the anaphylaxis.

Initially, Isaiah was to have the MRI today at the local hospital. However, at the "pre-op" physical yesterday, Dr. B. decided that it was just too risky to be done there. I can tell you, I shared the same sentiment. =0) So, he had the MRI rescheduled at Arnold Palmer - the same hospital that Isaiah had the last procedures. It's a children's hospital and a trauma hospital at that. I am relieved and a wee bit freaked out at the same time - his exact words were, "because of the risk of severe or fatal anaphylaxis . . . " Ugh, no matter how much you know that anaphylaxis can be fatal, it's still hard to hear . . . of course adding on top of that the speculation that your child has some type of brain damage doesn't help . . . and the whole eosinophilia news (I was told that eosinophilia can cause organ damage and that Isaiah's body is just attacking itself - that was in the conversation with the allergist . . . it just took a bit to sink in).

So, what caused this suspected brain damage? No idea. Maybe the multiple times Isaiah has anaphylaxed in his life, maybe his large birth weight, or the fact that something may have actually gone wrong during labor - there's no way to tell right now. He's the same Isaiah I have always known, so I'm not mournful. I just want to know what it is and how we can help him. Some of his leg pain could be coming from this - I just want to make it stop for him (he hasn't been sleeping well the past week and some change because of leg pain).

If you can't tell, I'm honestly just worn out. I'm not necessarily sad, just tired. Not being able to make his pain stop makes it worse . . . and knowing that we still don't have all the answers for all of Isaiah's health issues bothers me.

I know that God is in control and that He is watching out for Isaiah in ways that I cannot. He knows all the answers and understands Isaiah's body better than I can. I'm so glad that I can rest in Him, confident that He's able to take care of all of this. I am just so grateful that He has blessed me with this little guy and given me an opportunity to learn more about how to depend on Him.

I will keep you posted, as always. =0) As for now, Isaiah's appointment is in August, but we are on the list to be called if there is a cancellation . . . talk about being ready at a moment's notice. =0) Please pray that we can get our appointment sooner and that everything goes smoothly - the waiting can be rough. =0}

Oh, by the way . . . Isaiah, my baby, will be turning 5 on Friday (at 6:23 pm, to be exact)!!! =0) Trust me, there will be a post. =0)

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stitching under oaks said...

I am sure you are tired girl...just writing all those long words would wear anyone out...much less the fact that you're living them out in your little guys life. I'll be praying and lifting you and Isaiah up for strength, health and peace. Happy Birthday early Isaiah! (only a bit early)