Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update on Isaiah - Anaphylaxis

I forgot to mention last night that the GI specialist was able to confirm that Isaiah does not have eosinophilic esophagitis. That's good, but still doesn't explain a lot of Isaiah's symptoms. The doctor took several biopsies from both procedures, which should be back in about a week (we have an appointment set up to discuss the results).

Isaiah is doing well this morning - he's still a little pale and tired, but mostly back to normal. Thanks so much for your prayers. Things could have been much worse, but God has protected Isaiah from a much worse reaction and has brought him through a pretty bad reaction. God has blessed this little man, and continues to show us how His joy, peace, and faithfulness persists in Isaiah - what an amazing God we serve!!! =0)



Isaiah's procedures went well yesterday - really well. No anaphylaxis in the OR - further explanation of this will follow. He flushed in the OR prep room, had spots that would randomly show up and then go away, but he did sooooo good. I am so thankful that he did not anaphylax yesterday.

During the prep for the procedures, there were a few times where I was wondering if we were going to get through all of this without at least a temper tantrum. Isaiah never ceases to amaze me - he didn't cry, didn't ask or beg for food, and just did a wonderful job taking all the laxitives.

I am also so proud of the little guy! He didn't flinch when they gave him the IV - not one bit. He even watched them put it in!!! He even did great when they took him back to the OR - didn't cry or anything.

Even in recovery, Isaiah did so well. It took longer than expected (the recovery portion), but he was also given anesthesia that is not typical for the procedures he had. He even showed us his feisty side, pulling out the breathing tube! =0) He really wanted that pacifier!!! =0)

We stayed in Orlando last night - just in case Isaiah had a delayed reaction. Isaiah was not admitted for an overnight stay (hospitals and the lack of food safe for Isaiah makes hospital stays difficult), so we had to stay in a hotel nearby (they would have admitted him if we hadn't stayed close by). He did so well last night - eating and drinking without any difficulty. He even did well this morning and afternoon. He was back to his spunky self. =0)

However, this evening, Isaiah had an anaphylaxis episode. We thought he was fine - completely out of danger, and he anaphylaxed. Even after the Epi, Isaiah was extremely lethargic. In fact, they thought about admitting him tonight (or this morning), but again . . . the whole lack of food thing. I think I am going to put a suggestion in the hospitals box about bringing in food safe for people like Isaiah. Anyway, Isaiah was given some fluids, more steroids, more benadryl, and something to help with nausea. Right now, he's okay. He's really pale and has the random spots that come and go (and he flushes wherever you touch him right now), but he's doing much better.

The ER doctor said that his reaction was more than likely because of something he received yesterday - either the versed or the anesthesia. Once the prednisone wore off from yesterday, Isaiah's body responded with anaphylaxis. So, now we have to be vigilant and watch him to see if the same thing will happen when the prednisone wears off from tonight . . . we're going to see the ped and the allergist tomorrow, hopefully we won't have any more issues.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what was going on. My brain is so tired from this past week. Easter was a blast! Monday was tiring - laxatives every 20 to 30 minutes can wear a person out! =0} Tuesday was stressful, and today, well, today was just trying. I am so thankful we caught the reaction right at the very beginning - before it got to the point where Isaiah needed more than one Epi. I am also thankful God brought Isaiah through the procedures yesterday and through the episode today. God has really carried us through this - and has shown me how brave and beautiful my little boy really is! =0)

Thank you for your prayers - we felt them. Isaiah and I had so much peace yesterday throughout the procedures. We even had a Christian anesthesiologist who was praying as well (by the way, Arnold Palmer is a wonderful children's hospital)!!!

I do have pictures to post, but I will post them later when my brain wakes up a bit more. =0)

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